Lowest GPA for acceptance into ADN program?

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    Hi everyone,

    I am two classes away from having all pre and co-requisites completed for ADN programs but even if I get an A in these last two classes, my GPA would only be a 3.39. I'm feeling like this won't be enough for me to get into a program.

    I am applying to Massasoit, Roxbury, Quincy, and Bunker Hill and have only taken the TEAS V for Massasoit (81%) Even though my GPA isn't stellar, would I still have a fighting chance seeing that all the non nursing classes would be completed prior to application?

    Thanks a bunch!

    I am basically trying to see what the lowest gpa accepted was for ppl going into an ADN program here in MA.

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    It's hard to say for Quincy, until recently admissions were based solely on the Accuplacer score.
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    Wow - really?? 100% based on accuplacer...and I would bet tons of people get high scores but make horrible bedside nurses. sigh. i think you still have a good shot, that's a good GPA! beware: ADN nurses have a tougher time in the boston new-grad RN job market. do you have CNA (nursing assistant in Mass, I think it's PCA or PCT elsewhere) experience? That might help your application. Good luck! Go RCC!!
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    Yes, 100%. I think the first group of applicants under the new criteria are going through the process now. Unfortunately I'm not sure when decisions will be made so I can't offer better info for the OP... Sorry, good luck on your applications though!
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    The only experience that I have is clinical / patient of 17 years but in dentistry. I am leaving it to go into nursing. Thank you for your info!
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    I was wondering if anyone can tell me which is a better college bunker hill or Quincy?
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    Quote from armywife88
    I was wondering if anyone can tell me which is a better college bunker hill or Quincy?
    NCLEX pass rates for bunker hill in 2012 was 79% and for Quincy was 94%.
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    Happy to say that after all the worrying, I got into Massasoit! So excited to begin in a few weeks
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    Congrats! good luck on your journey.
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    Thank you!!

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