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Labor Dispute - page 2

Anyone getting head hunter calls to travel to Massachusetts re a labor dispute? What's going on there? I received one of these calls yesterday.... Read More

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    This was after all the take overs....when U Mass cried bankrupted...the nurses made all those concessions and when a brief time later they had record profits they would give nothing back.

    But working a relief assignment is NO game. I have supervised during labor disputes and it's a tough assignment for the bedside staff brought in....and the supervisor trying to help them. I'm not sure the $50.00 buck is worth how hard they work and the shor. albeit "safe", staffing
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    I work in the home of a physician at umass memorial. Apparently they just had a ton of layoffs.
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    Nurses need to stick together.union busting is admins objective. Please don't help them.