Kindred Transition & Rehab...any info?? Kindred Transition & Rehab...any info?? | allnurses

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Kindred Transition & Rehab...any info??

  1. 0 I just got a job with Kindred in Wareham, I have read tons of awful stuff on here about Kindred. I had 2 days of orientation-the paperwork, videos, policies etc. and I start tomorrow for 3 weeks of floor orientation. That seems like a short amount of time, I am I wrong?? I am a new grad ASN with minimal prior experience. It is very hard finding a job in my area and I am not sure where I even want to go with nursing in the future. I am an older graduate (just turned 40) so I needed to start, no hospitals will have me (ASN no experience) and some of the other places I went to to interview were awful, others didn't call back. If anyone has any information about this site in particular I would LOVE it! I did have one person PM me some info off another post (thank you!!) but any input would be appreciated. ALl the negative Kindred posts has me nervous!
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    Some people love the big K, other people hate it. You should make up your own mind. 3 weeks orientation.....sounds average for most places.
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    hmmm kindred imn not sure, but i worked at eagle pond before i became a nurse and would not even apply to work as a nurse. just sayin
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    Eagle Pond is Kindred as well, I am at Forestview which is in Wareham. Lol, and I heard that Eagle Pond was supposed to be great from someone just the other day! I interviewed at several LTC facilities and they all seem to be similar. Not the greatest place to work, but somewhere to get experience. I have already learned a lot on the job, I have worked with awesome nurses and some not so great. The staff pretty much all swear-not at patients, but in general conversation. It is unprofessional compared to a hospital setting. Things get done half-arsed and corners are cut, not my style of nursing, but I plan to nurse how I was taught and not do a shoddy job. I find most of the staff nurses are LPN's I haven't seen too many RN's except the higher ups.
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    I worked at Eagle Pond for years. It used to be great.....not so much now.
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    It is a shame that so many LTC facilities are so...not good! I am so getting long term care insurance! My daughter plans on being an orthopedic surgeon and not having kids so she can take care of me until I kick the bucket!