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  1. I've been reading quite a few RN job postings and some of them require you to be IV certified. Anyone have any information on where classes are to be IV certified in the Boston or North Shore Area?
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  3. by   NeoPediRN
    I don't know of any formal certification for IVs other than PICC lines. Certified to start IVs means you have completed the minimum # of IV starts needed to be deemed competent to start them on your own. Most hospitals train on the job.
  4. by   nick0676
    Quinsigsamond Community College offers a course. This course looks like it might be full but I'm sure they will offer more classes.

  5. by   bostonbakednurse
    I have taken IV courses provided by hospitals that I have previously worked for. They were usually given by the Nurse Educator/Infection Control Nurse. They let you practice on a fake arm, you take a short quiz, and then are given a piece of
    paper saying you attended the hospital provided course with some CEU's, But this certificate is not a certification in IV therapy!

    There is also a nationally recognized certification that you can get by the Infusion Nurse Society. You will then receive a
    CRNI (certified Registered Nurse Infusion) credential. The exam is only offered in March and September in Massachusetts.

    This is what I did:
    1)I first went to Infusion Nurse website. I signed up for membership for $99.

    2)I then went to the INCC (infusion nurse certification corp) website and filled out the application to take the 3 hour exam. I paid about $400 for that. Included in that payment was a $50 late fee.
    I had to provide them with a name and number of a past supervisor that knew I had placed IV's for 1600 hours. The Infusion Nurse Society calls them to verify that I have placed IV's.

    3) I bought some books at the bookstore for about $240. A DVD and a study guide for the test. I did that yesterday and it will arrive late today. (from Norwood)

    4) I am now waiting for a call or email from the testing people (INCC) to let me know when my test date is scheduled for. It will be sometime within the month of March.

    If I pass, I will then have the certification CRNI, which will really help getting a job on an IV team! Good luck!
  6. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    Boston College has an IV certification course.

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