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Hi y'all I'm taking the test this upcoming saturday (the 1st entrance test) at Greater Lowell and I will like some advices/opinions/essays topics of those who took it already....I'm just scared about... Read More

  1. by   vitiana
    I wish you the best of luck !!! By august 13' i will have two yeqrs of CHHA. I recently too my CNA state exam so i could find a job in hospital and nursing home.Good job on your degree, I have bachelor of social sciences from my country, it helps pretty much when you are in more than one field!!! I did my interview on dec 4th , the final letter was out by the 10th the mail man gave it to me 2 days later. Are you going to Middlesex CC? I wil like yo find out LPN-RN trying to get done with A&P, pharmacology,nutrition and microbiology so I can have it waived! I need more time to do my flashcards
  2. by   Maddiex13
    Hey! Just wanted to let you know I was accepted into the day program as well! So we will be seeing each other soon! So damn excited and almost can't believe it! But I am at MCC but I am a Human Service major. I have to take 3 more classes to graduate with that degree but I am taking Basic A & P to waive A&P out of the program since that is a big chunk of our first part of the program. I also have taken a few other classes over the last few years that might be able to waive out a few other courses we will be covering in the program. I am not sure on anything that has to do with the LPN/RN program and honestly that is not my path at the moment. I am just going for my LPN and I think I will be satisfied for a bit with schooling. LOL!! But I am going to try to send you a private message with my name and email and maybe you can find me on Facebook or email me. And I dont know what you mean by done your flashcards?!
  3. by   vitiana
    Congrats !!!!! Awwwww im mad happy for you !!!!! Yes, try to pricate message me, I will do the same too because I haven't receive any PM from you yet. Well i was saying im starting my flashcards right now, ahead of time when i get the chance to find out the appropriate material online. I have a bachelor degree but I haven't yet starting with school, I hope to have at least my M.S.N. before i take a break
  4. by   Maddiex13
    I can't pm I guess until I have 15 posts and this will be my ninth post LOL!! But maybe if you send me one first I can write back to you like that. I am super excited! & Thank you!! I can't wait to begin but I have to make it through my final semester at MCC first "/ Kind of stinks. So what classes have you already taken that will be waived? Do you know any info on if we have to get the uniforms from Heroes or can we buy them elsewhere as well? I got a gift card to work and gear for Christmas and was hoping to use it for the uniforms but I know the person who interviewed us said that they do something with the Heroes store. I think we will have like patches and things but yeah I am curious if I can just get the uniforms at the store I have the gift card for it would save me some money for sure!!
  5. by   EduardoLugo
    I might just apply for the LPN, then do LPN to RN. Not sure yet. Good luck to both of you!
  6. by   vitiana
    Thanks Eduardo , but you have to take a quick decision tho....wish u the best of luck
  7. by   Maddiex13
    -Vitiana I tried to pm you back but I wasnt able to because I have not made enough posts on here. I did go look for you on facebook and I think I added you. I will email you right now though!

    -Eduardo Thank you!!! I am super excited and if you want to get into the LPN program you should go NOWW lol! It is a competitive program and with lots of applicants!! I wish you lots of luck though!!!
  8. by   vitiana
    I added you on fcbk and i received and replied to your post M. Happy to get in touch with you !!!
  9. by   Hurryupandwork123
    Hey everyone!,

    I have a few questions about the test/interview and would really appreciate some insight for those who all ready went through the process.

    I am applying for the lpn program at the voke for 2013 and taking the teas exam in February. I was wondering was the test on the computer or was it on paper? And were there specific guide lines to the essay (was it a 5 paragraph essay or 3)? And basically how does the interview process work/what types of questions did they ask?

    Congratulations for everyone who is in the program too!!!
  10. by   vitiana
    hello hurryandwork123,

    im pretty much in a rush, the test is on paper, there is no guidelines as far as i remember but i did 3 paragraph.
    The interview is pretty much informations about how the program runs and financial issues(less hours at work, payment plan), clinicals sites, curriculum of the program divided by terms and much more with the paperwork of course...
    I hope Maddiex13 will tell you more, Im always busy lool

    P.S: it's as easy as a college placement test...but i did study a little bit for it, especially the english section because english isn't my first language
  11. by   vitiana
    HurryUpAndWork123, wish u all the best of luck, don't stress you will be fine
  12. by   Hurryupandwork123
    Thank you vitiana for the information!!!!!! This will help a lot! Thank you for the luck!!!!
  13. by   Maddiex13
    Yea so I did not study for the test it was pretty easy stuff for me. It was all done on paper and I got my results back very quickly. Not the same day but a week or so later. The essay is just a topic they kind of choose and you just write it as you would like. I also wrote three paragraphs. The interview was really just a whole bunch of info and barely any questions. It gives you an oppurtunity to see how the program is set up and the different billing deadlines you would have to meet etc. It was not anything to freak out over. I wish you the most luck! Keep us updated on your progress. Areyou trying for days or nights?? If you have any other questions please feel free to ask and I will try to get back to you asap! ")