How long before an RN License Number is issued In MAss?

  1. Hello, I passed the NCLEX (RN) in Massachusetts 2 1/2 weeks ago and still there is no license number in my name on the MA BON web site. How long should this typically take?

    The website says it should only take 7 business days for the LIC# to post there, but does not say from what point those 7 days begin- I will call on Monday with the phone number furnished online, but have had very little luck getting info, a person on the line or any calls back in the past.

    Any info would be helpful- Thanks.
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  3. by   NurseKatie08
    It took me three days after I sat the NCLEX to get my license number...I would just call the number and see what happens.
  4. by   Raisin08
    I'm glad I did call-
    Apparently there was a lapse in communication between the people who received my application and the BON. The board had no record of my application at all (which was sent and paid for a month ago). Long sigh.:zzzzz

    So, at least I was able to alert the proper persons to the error. I just hope the resolution doesn't take long, i don't seem to be able to catch a brake in this process.

    No wonder I haven't been offered any interviews for my 200+ applications- I have no proof of my credentials-jeez.
  5. by   Raisin08
    I wanted to post the outcome- in case anyone has the same problem and reads this...

    PCS called back about an hour after I left a message telling them they had not entered/forwarded my license application info. The lady took some additional information and I had my license number on the BON website a half-hour later.

    I was very happy about the speed with which they got back to me and fixed the problem, and I'm even getting nibbles at my resume- now that I can prove I'm a nurse.:wink2:
  6. by   nanciepaul
    How long it takes them to send your license to home ?. I got a offer letter but they want to see my license. I found out that I passed a week ago..
  7. by   CommunityHealthRN
    You will get your license in the mail in exactly 3 weeks after you taken and passed the boards.

    Prospective employers can check your license number on the MA BON website to verify your credential.

    It took about a week and a half for the BON to post my license online........I would give it a few days and call and speak to a coordinator and tell them that you need your license number. They will usually post it quicker......after I called the woman posted it an hour later.