Good Sam rn new grad posting

  1. Just wondering if anyone works here or has worked here recently, and would possibly recommend working there. I have an interview for a new grad rn posting which says csg admin. Not really sure what the csg admin part means? Anyways, any input would be welcome!
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  3. by   pexx84
    CGS Nursing Admin = Caritas Good Samaritan Nursing Department.

    I'd be interested if anyone else knows anything about this new New Grad program.
  4. by   LGD2011
    I've been offered this position at Good Sam. My understanding is they are hiring 20 new grads, will train for 10 weeks with a preceptor on three different med-surg floors, and then you become a per diem staff (no benefits, no guaranteed hours). This is a 3 year position, but there is no contract. If a permanent position opens up you can apply for it or if you find a position elsewhere can leave without penalty.
  5. by   brendacg
    I went to the interview and was offered the position but passed. Personally, I can't afford to not have benefits or guaranteed hours. My commute would also be more than an hour, not worth it for me. But I have an interview at Spaulding so that's where my new hope lies!
  6. by   pexx84
    You "passed" on a New Grad hospital position with formal training, for a whisper of a hope for Spaulding?

    Nastrovia/Na zdorvye!
  7. by   brendacg
    Meh. This girl has bills to pay.
  8. by   BostonFNP
    I have some colleagues at Good Sam and they love it.
  9. by   KelRN215
    Keep in mind that Caritas was recently purchased by a for-profit company, Steward Health Care. I've heard not great things about them. They've been closing units left and right at the hospitals they've taken over and seem to be in poor financial shape overall. They've made plans to close Morton Hospital's pediatric unit and Quincy Medical Center's surgical unit. There's been talk of Carney Hospital closing since they took over.