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Hi, Does anyone know what is going on with them extending the deadline for applicants for the full time program till May 15th??? Were there not enough applicants?? I don't want to have to wait until June to hear back, when... Read More

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    I saw they posted fall class schedule but no nursing classes, are those something seperate? I think I might call tomorrow in regards to the LPN program starting in Sept, a coworker is starting there in Sept for the LPN program and said she thought there were a few seats available. I want to ask if I don't get into the RN could I still try for a spot for LPN. Hoping for a letter this week though either way....the wait is killing me. A lot of coworkers went to Quincy, seems like a nice program :-)

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    The nursing classes are usually not included in the regular course listings. I understand how you are feeling, the wait is killing me too! Not only do I want to know, but I also want to be able to register for classes, because I need to get one of the parking spots and you are not allowed to until you have resgistered for classes. I really do not want to be spending $5+ per day in the garage! Hopefully we will hear this week!
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    Did anyone get their heb b shots yet? If so can you tell me how much they were....my ins will not cover them
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    Quote from carraroe
    Did anyone get their heb b shots yet? If so can you tell me how much they were....my ins will not cover them
    No, still waiting to find out if I am in or not and I do not have health insurance right now, so I do not want to get it until I know I will need it. I think the cost depends on where you get them. Your Dr.'s office should be able to tell you the out of pocket cost. I know that CVS has the cost listed as $140 per shot ($420 in total) at their Minute Clinic Locations.
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    That's so weird - just called my cvs & they told me that they don't stock the hep b vaccines & same news from target pharmacy......hang in there Callie, I've heard of them calling people up to a day before classes start!
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    For those of you who are waiting to hear if you were accepted for the fall '12 program, I was told today that acceptance and waitlist letters are being mailed either today or tomorrow. So we should all get and answer by next week!!!!
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    I just googled the cost and this is what it came up with -

    For patients not covered by insurance, the total cost of a Hepatitis B vaccination sometimes includes a consultation fee, and usually includes shot administration fees and the cost of the three required doses of the vaccine for a total of about $120 to $370 or more. For example, at the Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health in Iowa, there is no consultation fee, and a Hepatitis B vaccination costs $40 per dose for a total of $120. And at Baylor Travel Medicine in Texas, an initial consultation costs $85 to $150, depending on the complexity of the patient's travel itinerary and medical history, and follow-up appointments to administer the shots cost $25 to $85 each. A Hepatitis B vaccination costs $70 per shot for a total of at least $370.
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    I think that with both the CVS Minute Clinic and with the Walgreens Care clinic you have to call around and find one that does the hep b vaccine. From what I can see on the websites, Walgreens is actually cheaper. They probably have a better chance of stocking the hep b vaccine because they actually offer to do "healthcare worker/student" physicals also.
    Carraroe - I suggest asking your regular doctors office how much it would cost out of pocket for the series. ( I assume that they would not charge any consult fee, shot administration fee etc, because you are a patient and they know you.
    If that doesn't work, call some of the Walgreen's in the quincy/boston area and see if they have it.
    I will be doing the same thing next week to find out how much it is going to cost me.
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    thanks cally257! I didnt get anything yet, maybe tue or wed for the good orbad... I emailed friday as well regarding application for the january part time program.. they must get so sick of crazed students calling about nursing hahaha
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    also I want to share, I am signed up for statistics online this summer at quincy, so far it looks great. the prof seemed nice and super helpful in an email i wroteher. it's 10 weeks, every week there is an online quiz that you seem to get the week to work on and the final is just on the last chapter, which you do have to go in for.

    and it fills math requirement, also stats is a class many schools require for bsn too killing two birds with one stone

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