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Hi, Does anyone know what is going on with them extending the deadline for applicants for the full time program till May 15th??? Were there not enough applicants?? I don't want to have to wait until June to hear back, when... Read More

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    Phina70, thank you for the referral for a chem professor- I see **** is highly recommended on ratemyprofessor. I have been apprehensive to take my chem - now feeling more hopeful! Also petrified of algebra, and wondering if an online level 1 course may be a better choice rather than trying to keep up in a fast pace class. Another fear of the unknown! I'll touch base with admissions at Quincy too- everyone on this forum is so generous and supportive!!
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    CMA-lpn you are very welcome. I don't know if algebra is a pre-req to stats, But What about statistics? instead if algebra? Thats a Math. even if you are going for an assoc's RN most BSN programs req Stats, that way you can get that out of the way if you pursue a BSN later. I enjoyed that as well. I took statistics at Massasoit with *****, he was great! even those uncomfotable with Math did well. he's very patient and thorough.
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    CMA_TO_LPN The FT RN program only starts in the fall. The PT program starts every January. The application period for PT is 4/15/12 to 7/15/12. I have been told that the pt program is VERY hard to get into as they only have about 30 spots.
    As for the test, the minimum scores they will allow is 95 Reading 96 Sentence Skills and 75 Math. The maximum you can get on each section is 120.
    From what I understand, they look at the Reading score first. If your score is tied with another student, then they compare the sentence skills score and it that is tied as well they move on to the Math score.
    One of the girls in my Chem class told me that she spoke with someone in admissions and there are only 15 spots left in the FT program. This is not helping my anxiety about getting into the program at all lol!
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    Cally, did you schedule your accuplacer exam yet? Hopefully you have or will schedule soon. Schedule it for within a few days or week time, and study this weekend, particularly reading comprehension. Take the exam and hopefully you get a 95 or more and apply asap, the same day. Make sure you have your official transcripts. HS transcripts, test scores and whatever they need. I don't think QC needs a recommendation letter or personal statement. I was discouraged too and made it. Don't give up! you are taking chem now, have you done any other sciences? and do yo have other courses taken and out of the way? it's good to get them done.
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    Cally, I just read your other posts, I see your concern. Taking the accuplacer as soon as possible is the best I can advise you. Schedule it and Do some review on testprep.com or collegetest prep.com and click on accuplacer. if your scores fall short you can reschedule the reading section or any other section for retake right away for 30 days after (rule) if if they get all the applicants needed, it doesn't mean everyone one of themis going to attend QC. Your classes you are taking now, willyou be done with them by the application deadline? to have the transcripts to give QC?
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    My classes finish a week before the deadline. Since I am taking my pre-req classes at QC, I can literally hand in my application the day my last class ends.
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    For those who took the Accuplacer. Do you find the "sample questions" given on collegeboard's website pretty close to what appear on the real test (especially for reading)? Or are those samples questions easier? The sample test has only short passages, are there any long passages (multiple paragraphs) in the real test?
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    umb-I think it's close to it. On the screen when taking the test, there isn't much room for very long passages. But becareful, the reading is tricky, I walked away thinking I got everything right, which I didn't.
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    Thanks phina! I will definitely be careful with the reading portion.
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    Hi everyone!
    I also got in - so excited - can't wait to meet all of you!

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