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BSN GRAD. doesn't av LICENSE but wants to work

  1. 0 HI, I need help cos I am CONFUSED AND FRUSTRATED !
    I am a BSN graduate from Philippines last 2012 well unfortunately I was NOT LUCKY to pass mY board exam there and my BF petition me and I was able to come last year JANUARY 2013 through a FIANCE VISA, well my question is....

    1. Can I work in a hospital even without a license?
    2. I need advise cos I'm actually not sure of pursuing my nursing I wanted to try MEDICAL BILLING. Would it be WORTH IT? or A WASTE OF TIME and EFFORT?

    thank you so much for the help
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    No you cannot work as a nurse if you don't have a license. You could work as a nurses aide in a hospital.

    You probably wouldn't make anywhere near as much money as a medical biller and you'd likely have to go back to school to learn all the coding.
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    Medical billing often is being outsourced ( often back to the Philippines ) overseas to reduce cost and increase revenue. There is specific training and certifications/credentials for medical billing and coding.

    As the PP stated you absolutely cannot work as a nurse in a hospital or any other facility unless licensed by the applicable state board of nursing.
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    Thanks so much
    Just what I expected! would it be worth it to be LPN if don't want to take much responsibility as a RN?
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    LPN is not a consolation prize. There are many RN jobs with lower responsibility just like there are LPN jobs with significant responsibility.

    Depends on the state, there are several states such as NJ, TX. & OK that only graduates of a practical nursing program who pass the NCLEX-PN are eligible for licensing as an LPN. BSN is not equivalent or sufficient in these states.
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