brockton hospital school of nursing!

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    just got into bhsn! so i am starting in august in the full day time program. i am very excited but also a little bit turned off by the fact that i'll have to go back to UMD to get my bachelors in nursing, since bshn is a diploma/associates school. Anyone else starting in august of this year? i would love to meet people !
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    don't know where bhsn is, but since you plan to get the bsn at university of maryland, why not call and ask them if there are any adn programs that will integrate with their bsn, and specifically, if bhsn does? a lot of adn programs are doing that now.
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    UMD is university of massachusetts dartmouth and i already asked about their nursing program because they offer it at my school but don't allow any transfers into it so this is the only way i can get my RN license then go on to get my BSN.
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    but thank you for the advice!
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    Moved to MA Nursing Programs forum for more discussion.
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    Hi! I also got into BNSN for August 2012 as well. I got my acceptance letter back in November 2011 but originally applied December 2010 for the Fall 2011 program, but got a letter back saying my application was good enough to keep but they were too full for 2011. Better late than never! Keep in touch, it will be great to start meeting people ... study groups are going to be a huge key to passing!

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    omg! same thing happened with me! haha
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    Do you think they do that to get people in and stop them from taking other classes so you HAVE to take it from them? I am having the same dilema as you ... hate that I will only get my diploma ... I'll definitely be looking into RN to BSN as well! Let's keep in touch ... my email is the same as my user name
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    yeah i don't know what their motive is but I'm taking some pre reqs at umass dartmouth now then going back there for their RN to BSN online program after i graduate from BHSON! i will email you now!
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    What are the requirements to get in here? I asked for info from them on their website a few months ago and never heard anything.

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