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Hello, I wanted to know of anyone looking into the Bristol Community College nursing program or who is currently in it or was in it. I am still taking the competitive pre-req courses right... Read More

  1. by   violin9
    Hi everyone. I am from Rhode Island and just applied for the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) nursing program for the second time. I have a Bachelor's. If I don't get in this time, I am wondering if it would be worth my while applying to BCC. I have a 3.79 GPA, TEAS scores in the 80s and a 96 reading accuplacer score. I would think that those factors would have some bearing.

    Thoughts anyone? Any information on the application process and timeframes would be helpful too.\

  2. by   violin9
    oh one other thing - If I took the LPN course at CCRI and did the LPN - RN bridge program at BCC would I have a better chance of getting in. Is it worth doing that?

    Thanks again
  3. by   lilkuz06
    Hi violin, I think I can help with a few of your questions. Please don't mind if I have a few spelling mistakes, I am replying from my phone because my comp is acting up.
    anyway, I applied and was accepted to both BCC and CCRI. From my experience, I think BCC is a bit more cometitive. They have approx 1200 applicants for only 72 spots. Those 72 spots are full-time, only at the FR campus and the classes start in Sept. CCRI has multiple campuses, a Sept and Jan start date and offers part time. From the people I have talked to, most that have been accepted into the BCC program have a 3.8 or better gpa.

    As for getting in, your gpa, teas, etc look good, however, have you taken ALL of the pre-reqs? They love to look at your science scores (micro, a&p) which campus at ccri are you applying? As for the bridge, the number of spots vary each year. You will get in, I know how stressfull and discouraging it is. :-(
  4. by   violin9
    Hi - Thank you responding to my query. Yes, my prereqs are completed. Since BCC is more competitive than CCRI, I probably shouldn't bother. Or maybe I should go to their informational session just to see. I don't know. I applied to the Flanagan (Lincoln, RI) campus on August 1. My previous application was June 1 at the Warwick campus. I inquired into which campus had the most spots. I am trying to get probability working for me. This dream is slowly slipping through my fingers. But what can I do? I don't want to let my disappointments interfere with my daily functioning. I have a history of depression and anxiety and I'm trying not to have a relapse. So I believe that I have to be careful in my choices here. very frustrating. I am going to take applied music classes in violin and piano next semester to make the wait easier. If I don't get in, I still have the rest of the semester to have fun with the music. oh well.

    Any thoughts would be most welcome. Thanks very much.
  5. by   lilkuz06
    violin, please, please don't take what I said the wrong way. You should DEFINITELY apply and with your creds, you should have no problem getting in. What I meant was that your odds at CCRI are better vs BCC because of the number of applicants vs spots available. That, and you can probably start sooner (Jan) vs BCC (next fall). I will write more later, just arrived to work. Hang in there, you WILL get in. I know it's frustrating, but it will happen!!!!
  6. by   violin9
    Yes, you're right. If I get in this time, I could start in January. If I don't, I will consider BCC. In the meantime, I am going to take some music courses at CCRI - violin lessons and piano lessons - They call it applied music. Maybe I should have gone with my natural inclinations. But I am so interested in health care, especially in an advocating capacity. I come from a long line of physicians. My sister just graduated medical school at the age of 56. I prefer nursing because there seems to be more of a human element involved. Anyway, there are only so many things you can control, I guess.

    Here's hoping!

    Thanks for writing! I look forward to hearing more wisdom from you!
  7. by   MallyGirl
    Hi everyone! I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion. I am applying at BCC. Two more classes at Massasoit and I will have a science transfer degree. I was a member of the honor society at Massasoit for a little while, and I am currently a member of Phi Theta Kappa, I have a GPA of 3.53 and have all of my classes done but chemistry. When I called they said my application would be incomplete without chemistry, but to try anyways. I have A-'s and 1 B+ in all of my other science classes, and A's in almost everything else. Do you think I even have a chance of getting in without chem done? I hope so, this is such a long process, and I'm really hoping to get in this time around! Thank you, any input is greatly appreciated! -Lynne
  8. by   XLucky7X
    I'm pretty sure that in the college catalog high school or college chemistry is required. I would suggest going to a health science information session at BCC, it explains in detail what is required to apply for the nursing program. I'm pretty sure the next info session is on Jan. 28th, you have to register for it through the website. Other than that, I think you should apply anyway. Good luck
  9. by   XLucky7X
    I'm sorry, I just checked. The info session at BCC is on Wed. Jan. 29th.