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    Are there any students out there who are currently enrolled at BC? I just got accepted to the Women's Health Masters Entry Program and I would LOVE to chat with someone about the program -- pros and cons, etc.

    Most importantly I am wondering how it is possible to have a program that is a full year shorter than the other similar programs. How do they squeeze it all in?

    Also, I know it is a Catholic school. I am not Catholic, in fact, I am an atheist and very pro-choice. Is your education at all affected by the fact that the school is Jesuit? Does your education involve any pro-life teachings? I heard that the student health center will not even prescribe birth control for the students. Obviously in a Women's Health program I will have to learn all about Birth Control. Any words of wisdom on this issue?

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    Hi there!

    I graduated from BC's undergrad nursing program last May, so I can't comment on the Master's Entry Program, but I can help you out with the 'Catholic factor.'

    Like yourself, I don't associate with any particular religion. I didn't find in any of my nursing classes that the Catholic principals of medical/nursing care were being 'preached' or taught that they were 'better' in any way. We actually learned a lot about many different cultural aspects of medical beliefs and nursing care.The thing I liked most about BC's teaching philosophy was that, despite it being a Jesuit college, they focused more on their motto of 'men and women for others' rather than religion (although we did have two required theology core courses).

    Also, we got to do all our nursing clinicals at the best hospitals in Boston (BIDMC, BWH, MGH, Children's, etc.). Because they're all academic hospitals, you'll be exposed to and get to work with some of the best nurses and physicians in the city (and the world)!

    Hope that helps a little! Congrats on getting in! I LOVE(D) BC! (and I hope you do, too!)
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    and yes, it is true that students cannot get OCPs (or condoms for that matter) from the student health center (there are some groups on campus working to get that changed, and I'm sure they could use some Master's Entry nurses backing them up). That said, we definitely learned a TON about contraception in our women's health/L&D course, so no worries.
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    Hi BKCNewGrad09:

    Thank you so much for your response! I am glad to hear that you loved BC and that there are other students out there who aren't Catholic. I am very upset about the no OCPs/condoms thing but you're right, maybe I can help to get that changed!

    I have heard from many people that BC nurses are well respected and have many job opportunities! Do you have a job yet or are you still looking? If you're still looking, then I wish you the best of luck! I may contact you in the future with more questions!

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    Hi, fellow Eagles :-) I got my BSN from BC in May 2008 and am currently working in the NICU at UCLA, so there are definitely jobs to be had out there (for RNs, anyway). I'm not Catholic, either, and found that while the administration's staunchly pro-life stance was more than a little disingenuous at a college -- not only do they not provide contraceptives at the infirmary, but you also can't use campus cash to buy condoms at the off-campus convenience store, and while I was there some students got in trouble for handing condoms out in the Dustbowl -- it fortunately didn't affect the curriculum of the nursing program, as BKC said. And among the student body itself, although there's a strong contingent of Irish Catholics (it is next door to Boston, after all), there's enough diversity of beliefs and backgrounds that I never felt that anyone was discriminated against because of their religion, or lack thereof.

    I agree, I totally miss the place. I think you'll love it :spin:
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    I graduated in May 2009 from the Master's Entry program with my FNP. We did learn all about contraceptives and termination in our classes. It has to be on the curriculum, otherwise they would not get accreditation by the nursing powers that be. Many in the program were not Catholic, myself included, and no one cared. No one pushed the religious thing at all.

    The program is a year shorter than others because it does not grant a BSN, like most other direct entry programs do. You finish your first year with the equivalent of a diploma in nursing. It was a very hectic 2 years, but I really liked it. I had no problem getting a job, despite the fact that I never worked as an RN. I work as an FNP in a community health center and was offered the job before I even graduated!
    I'm happy to talk to you about the program, so feel free to send me a PM with any questions you have.
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    Hi BCgradnurse!

    I can't figure out how to sent you a personal message so I'll just respond here. Thank you so much for getting back to me! I would love to talk with you more about the Masters Entry Program.

    What were your clinical placements like? I heard that it is necessary to have a car because a lot of the clinicals are in the suburbs of Boston, not T accessible. Do you think it is impossible to get through the program without a car?

    It is very reassuring to hear that you got a job right away. From everything I have read on this website and through word of mouth, it seems like BC nurses are definitely well respected in the medical community. I am very excited to be a part of it!
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    I'm glad you started this thread, and I hope you don't mind, but I have a question for you. I was also accepted to the Masters Entry (for FNP), but I'm a little concerned that we are being asked to respond by February 10th! Doesn't that seem awfully quick to you? I haven't even heard from the other programs I applied to and won't hear from several for weeks. Plus, we haven't heard back from Financial Aid yet. I'm not sure what to do, but I definitely can't commit $400 without knowing my financial aid options. I apologize to be changing the subject, but I was just curious how you're handling this situation.

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    Hi Marinara,

    I am also upset about the 2/10 deadline but I am just going to pay it. I am most likely going to choose BC, even if I get into other schools. I would maybe choose Yale if I got in, but I won't find out until later in Feb, so I really have no choice but to pay the $400. It sucks but I don't really see another way. What other schools are you waiting to hear back from? And would you definitely choose another school over BC if you got in?
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    Thanks for your advice, Lena.

    I'm not sure what I would do about other programs, but I definitely feel like I need to know about the financial aid package before making any decisions. If I somehow get an incredible package at another school, I would definitely be swayed by that. I just thought it was common practice to let people make their decisions after hearing back from Financial Aid, but I guess that's not the case. I applied to six other programs, including Yale, so I have lots of waiting still ahead of me

    And $400 is a lot of money! I would pay $40, but $400 is so much. I'm going to contact BC to see if they would be willing to give us a little more time.

    Good luck with everything!

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