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Are there any students out there who are currently enrolled at BC? I just got accepted to the Women's Health Masters Entry Program and I would LOVE to chat with someone about the program -- pros and cons, etc. Most... Read More

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    Quote from lenac1122
    Hi BCgradnurse!

    I can't figure out how to sent you a personal message so I'll just respond here. Thank you so much for getting back to me! I would love to talk with you more about the Masters Entry Program.

    What were your clinical placements like? I heard that it is necessary to have a car because a lot of the clinicals are in the suburbs of Boston, not T accessible. Do you think it is impossible to get through the program without a car?

    It is very reassuring to hear that you got a job right away. From everything I have read on this website and through word of mouth, it seems like BC nurses are definitely well respected in the medical community. I am very excited to be a part of it!
    My clinical placements were good. My RN clinicals were at NEMC, BI, Carney, BMC, and at one of the Boston Public Schools. With the exception of NEMC, I thought they were great. The floor we were assigned to at NEMC really didn't want to have students, so it wasn't the best experience. I don't believe they're using that floor anymore for clinicals. You can definitely get through your first year clinicals without a car. You really do need one for your NP clinicals, as the placements in Boston are limited, and most of the great sites are outside the city. Overall, I was very happy with the program.

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    Hi,lenac1122,Do you have any more contacting platforms? I want to ask some questions about bc entry program? . Thank you. Thank you~~~~~
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    . . . I just wanted to say, . .

    YOU LUCKY DOG!!!!!!!
    I Would have given a kidney to go to Boston College or Boston University
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    For some reason this information doesn't seem to be available on the Boston College website. How long is the Master's NP year? Is it 12 months exactly, or is it more like an academic year?

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