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Hello Fellow Applicants!! For now it's just a waiting game...... It's absolutely killing me! Good luck to everyone!! Let me know when you hear anything and I'll do the same. I did go into my... Read More

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    I am considering a BSN, after my ASN. I applied to UMB, but was not admitted. This school as well, did not give me a "reason" as to why, except that I did not meet admissions requirements, which I did!

    I have twins that are 4 years old, and this seemed to be the most economically affordable way for me right now. Lets hope! I have worked my tail off for this program. It is a real push to the gut having to apply multiple times now. This is my last straw at BHCC. I could go to Laboure, or Regis, but they are so expensive. My husband is laid off currently...

    I wont bore you with my story!

    Wish me luck

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    I am in the office today, and can not call out to BHCC. Does anyone know who we could email to find out when acceptances will be made?
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    Wow! I also have a four year old son! I really hope I get in if not I'll be super dissapointed... Good luck to all
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    Was just sitting here thinking, its a shame, and rather odd that BHCC does not allow students to check their acceptance/denial online. It is 2012.

    Also- on my lunch break I called the schools and asked for admissions, they said the admissions committee has not met as of today.
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    According to the posts for last years Fall Nursing program at BHCC letters were mailed out around May 8-9... that was last year.. and RCC was May 6-7th... Looks like it's still a couple of weeks away
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    Well, after reading M7 mail, i think it's time to do away with my mailbox. Tired of checking and all I get are BILLS. Maybe i'll put on a padlock and do away with the keys until 5-6 May. This anticipation is worst than preparing for the Teas.
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    CAS- I agree. This anticipation is unfair. Every single person who has posted on this site, and in my courses, or from my phone call to BHCC and email to BHCC, has said a different time frame. All I keep telling myself is that its soon, because orientation is mid-may. Everyone keep your head up, hopefully we all get in.
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    Hey guys, I logged into my BHCC account tonight to look at my summer class schedule and all of my past classes and schedule disappeared. Has this happened to any one else? All of my grades are gone ?????
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    Mine is no longer there, but I would not read too much into this. Could be a computer glitch.
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    Mine is also blank.

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