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BHCC 2012 Fall Acceptance - page 4

Hello Fellow Applicants!! For now it's just a waiting game...... It's absolutely killing me! Good luck to everyone!! Let me know when you hear anything and I'll do the same. I did go into my... Read More

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    Mine is also blank.
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    It is fixed.
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    I've been told that the nursing committee has met and made their decisions, just waiting on the department to send out letters. They said at latest next week. I hope this is true. Has anyone tried registering?
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    Thats great to hear!
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    ok guys. so...remember when everyone was making a big deal about how there was a glitch in my bhcc?

    well. i think that may have actually had some validity and I always dismiss all these nuances.

    this is because a few days ago when the glitch didn't seem like it indicated anything. prior to the glitch under my program evaluation it would read

    "General Concentration" and
    "Nursing Day Option" (this makes sense because I APPLIED to the day option first)
    now...after the glitch it has changed to

    "Nursing Evening Option"

    Now, why would this randomly happen?

    I would think it would at least mean that I am no longer being considered for the day option.

    Everyone check your program evaluation in my bhcc and report any changes please
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    I applied for the evening option, it's still there
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    I applied for the evening option and it's there still.
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    hmm interesting. perhaps the evening option is easier to get into? i don't have all my co-req's so maybe that's why. but someone obviously changed it. i'm curious to know what others who applied to the day option as the first choice had...if there was a change or no change.
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    Mine is still the same. Says general concentration first, then two different nursing day options. That makes sense, because this is my second time applying to nursing. Also, day was my first choice, however I applied to all three because I have all pre and co requisites completed.Has anyone tried registering for health assesment or NUR 1 since the computer "glitch"? According to previous posts here and under a different semester topic that worked for people, who ended up getting in. It didn't work for me last semester, but, I didn't get in!
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    Mallory, under " my profile" what does it say for your program concentration? Mine says, general studies still.
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    yeah it still says general studies. i was more intrigued by the fact that I KNEW it said day option before and now it says evening. I assume this means something for those that it changed for, although I'm not sure what.
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    Three girls in my class this morning asked, and were told the letters were sent out yesterday.
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    Here's to watching out for the mailMan everyday!!