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Hello Fellow Applicants!! For now it's just a waiting game...... It's absolutely killing me! Good luck to everyone!! Let me know when you hear anything and I'll do the same. I did go into my BHCC Student Evaluation... Read More

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    has anyone tried registering for fall nursing health assessment or nursing 1? I read on a old old post somewhere that students did that last semester, to see if there account was "updated" to nursing, which would then allow them to register. Sneaky Sneaky, but hey, at this point you do what you have to do to find out. The stress and waiting game is a little unreasonable!

    Best of luck all.

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    In my bhcc account I see nursing program evening under program evaluation. Not sure it means anything
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    I have, general concentration, and then nursing program day option listed 3 different times. Maybe that is saying that we applied? because, technically, this is my third time applying to the nursing program. However, this time I applied to day, evenings and weekend.

    M- Did you apply to the evening program?
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    C- Thanks for the information. I am a little worried now because my Teas grades are pretty similar.I have A's with the exception of Drug Cal. I got a B. My GPA is 3.6 thereabout.
    I too have the evening nursing option which has always been there.
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    Im scared too I have a 3.9 gpa and the teas score I already told you guys :x omg all we can do is pray
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    Did you all apply to the evening program? Mine has always said day, yet i specifically applied to all three.

    CAS- i know exactly who you are talking about for drug calc!!!!!!! I wonder if she will teach any of the NUR classes beyond drug calc?
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    As was stated earlier, all we can do is wait.
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    Does anyone know when and if we register? Should we per-register or will the school automatically enroll us for nursing courses for fall? The BHCC Website says registration is now on-going for all students for the fall.

    Thanks and many wishes of good luck to all!

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    You have to be accepted in the program first if not they'll drop you
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    Msolana7: if you have a 3.9 AND the test scores you showed, i really think you are going to get in. especially if you have 20+ credits. if not, their admission process is definitely flawed and thats not your fault and there is nothing you can do about that. you should try applying to salem state next year if for some completely messed up reason they do not admit you here. I applied there, I didn't get in BUT they pretty much told me after the fact that admissions for transfer nursing students was completely g.p.a based. that everyone who got in had a 3.7 or higher. you didn't need TEAS scores or any specific courses to apply. they have no 'requirements'. So, I would definitely apply there if this does not work out (although I sincerely think it will). They won't tell you up front that its g.p.a based when you are applying there but they told me afterwards that it was. Having good TEAS scores on top of that amazing g.p.a would definitely get you in there. AND you would graduate w/ a BSN not a ADN, which is much more desirable.

    can't say i'm shocked that the admission committee has not met yet, this IS bhcc after all. lol. They should really get them out before May 1st, that's when most deadlines are for notifying other colleges of intent to enroll. I got into Salem State for Biology & Umass Amherst. This was the only 'nursing' program I applied to, because it is inexpensive and there are a decent amount of 'seats' available. Plus a lot of the things we've been told about a 'nursing shortage' are lies. You can find that out by simply browsing this site. If I don't get in here, I plan to move forward with a Biology degree and go back for nursing afterwards. The BS to RN programs are less competitive it seems and are cropping up all over the place. They also have BS to MSN programs also.

    Are most of you considering going on to a BSN anyway?

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