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Hello Fellow Applicants!! For now it's just a waiting game...... It's absolutely killing me! Good luck to everyone!! Let me know when you hear anything and I'll do the same. I did go into my... Read More

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    wow you guys did really well on the teas, I only got a 90 reading 60 math and 75 science.. maybe I dont even have a chance ha!

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    your scores are very similar to mine. reading is almost identical and science is exactly the same. i did a little better on math...i got an 80. but @ the same time i don't really think they're looking for too much math. i know the reading is the BIGGEST factor. so you've done very well on that...the people that took the teas the same night as me were all sharing their scores afterwards. 3 people showed me scores that had reading in the 40's. it sure weeds a lot of people out. they need to make sure that first & foremost that you're going to be able to comprehend and retain the material. other than for drug calculations, you really don't need too much math in the nursing profession. if you've taken drug calc and got an A or B and or any other math courses, than it seems it may counteract your math scores. i think they matter the least.

    science is important b/c they need to know that you retained your knowledge from your prereq's, and you did VERY well on that so i think there is really nothing to worry about.

    i am personally a little worried that they look at the sets of questions and your percentage of correct answers. like anatomy and chem in the science section. i only had 50% of the questions right from the anatomy section! not good! but don't know if it has any bearing or if they just use the total score for each subject. its really hard to tell what bhcc actually uses!

    but anyway, you are most definitely in the running for a spot. you did much better than a lot of other students, just look @ your percentiles under 'program'. this will compare you to all the other students @ bhcc that have taken the tea V (accepted or not).

    example in case you don't know how to read percentiles: 97 percentile means that 97 percent of all students got exactly the same score as you OR lower. most likely lower.

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    Wow great explanation! Your right alot of people had 40's and 50's... I hope my math doesn't bring me down! Good luck let me know if you get that nursing letter!!!
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    thanks! i definitely will let you know. yeah try not to worry about it too much i doubt its going to be a factor.
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    Hi... I've been looking at some of the comments here the last few weeks and decided to post today. I heard from relaible source that letters will be mailed sometime next week(keeping fingers cross). I wish all of you the best and hope to see in the Fall nursing program.
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    Like you, CAS, I have been a lurker on this site for some time now. I decided to create an account today, and join in the discussion. May I ask, where you were told next week that letters are mailed? I asked at the admissions counter yesterday, when I was going to meet with a professor there, and they told me as of yesterday 4/13, the admissions committee (whomever that is?), has still not met and letters would generally go out the end of the month.

    It seems as if each and everyone of us gets a conflicting report from BHCC. I have, like many of you applied at other colleges. One that I heard back from, was not accepted, another I heard back from and was accepted but I am holding off on sending in a deposit, and 2 others I am still waiting on, which are RCC and BHCC.

    Regarding TEAS scores, I think each of the sections are weighted evenly. That is what admissions advisory told me anyway. I have taken the TEAS a total of two times. This is my third time applying to BHCC. The first time I was not admitted, second time I was wait listed and not taken off the list, and hopefully third time is my good luck charm! Have any of you heard of students who have applied multiple times, and if and when they were actually accepted? I wonder how, 2nd and 3rd time appliers are looked at in the process? Is their application flagged as a repeat applicant? A lot of these questions I have asked on numerous occasions, and never really gotten a clear answer.

    if it is meant to be, it will be. LETS HOPE!!
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    What were your Teas scores the previous times you applied at Bhcc? I think that will give us some perspective looking ahead, if you don't mind that is.
    I spoke to someone who sounded like she knew what she was talking about. And this falls in timeline with what an advisor told me two weeks ago. Medical imaging acceptance letters are already out.
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    I was also told next week. I'm hoping this is the correct information. I can't take the wait much longer. Best of luck to everyone!
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    M. An advisor told me that if you did'nt get in, the letters would be out this week! But only the people that were denied
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    My TEAS Scores were Math 87, Reading 73, and Science 64 (The first time I took it), and this time Math 84, Reading 74, Science 64. Pretty similar scores...except I went down a few points in math.

    M- Both times I applied in the past, I received my denial letter, and my waitlist letter the EXACT same day my fellow classmates who were accepted.

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