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    congrats Jennifer! I'm sure that you will LOVE it at Regis... it is a very nice school.

    I don't remember if you had applied to Simmons or not, but I got my acceptance in the mail yesterday. If you did apply, hopfully you'll be hearing soon!

    Again... CONGRATS!! =)
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    Thanks for the congrats. I did not apply to Simmons, but sounds like congrats are in order for you!!!! That's so exciting. Is that your first choice?
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    no, mgh is my top choice. it's basically coming down to the money right now... i'm waiting to get my financial aid packages from mgh, regis, and simmons. but mgh's deposit is due next week so i guess i better make a decision soon!
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    Quote from kobrien629
    no, mgh is my top choice. it's basically coming down to the money right now... i'm waiting to get my financial aid packages from mgh, regis, and simmons. but mgh's deposit is due next week so i guess i better make a decision soon!
    just as an fyi, regis doesn't send out financial aid information until july. mgh said to expect financial info by the end of the month. not sure about simmons since i didn't apply there.
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    Oh wow, I didn't realize Regis was so late. Thanks for the info. I'm expecting to hear from MGH in a few days.. along with Simmons. They emphasized how important it was to send in the info so that awards could be mailed out before any deposits were due!
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    Hi Kobrien, do you know by any chance when Simmons sent their letters out? When I called today, they said next week, but I am surprised to see that some people already got accepted. Do you mind sharing when you applied there? I sent my application right near the deadline, it was supposed to be my safety school, Umass Med. being my first choice...oh well. Also would they tell you if you got in over the phone? When I called they were like no no, so I am assuming I didn't get it. I am in San Fran. on a business trip and I need to make a deposit to my other program by Tuesday, so can't really check the mail or anything. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :-)
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    hey caroline,

    My letter from Simmons was dated March 10th, and I received it the 12th (I live right outside Boston). I was also surprised because I was told to expect to hear in April. I actually applied to BC, MGH, Simmons, and NEU in mid-October. Since BC was due so early I finished them all at once. I have not called them. I have received a few emails acknowledging that they received my application and my FAFSA.

    I wouldn't say that you didn't get in. They probably just don't let people know over the phone. If you don't hear from Simmons in a few weeks, then I would call again and ask about your status.

    As for your deposit that is due Tuesday... If you are 100% unsure where you want to go, I would send the deposit in. Simmons doesn't require their $500 deposit until April 3rd. I know that sending money to another school (even if you're unsure) seems kind or ridiculous (especially in this economy) but in the long run it will be worth it. I ended up sending in my deposit to Regis, and I'm pretty sure I won't be attending. What's $500 when these school are close to $50k a year?!

    Another note about Simmons... These acceptances are for SUMMER 09. I didn't realize it all started to soon. The summer courses are mostlu pre-reqs for those who haven't finished yet, but all students are required to take a nursing course (something simple like nursing theory I believe). But the classes start "either late June or early July". I laughed when I read this.. it's kind of funny that they don't have the starting date. This kind of makes it difficult for me, as I work in the public schools through the end of June.

    Sooo, thats my nice little rant. Hope I gave some useful info. Let me know if I can help with any thing else!! =)
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    Thanks so much, yeah I probably didn't get in ugh. Did you apply for the Direct Entry Program? I thought that didn't start till August? Wow those people are confusing. We'll see where I end up going? I underestimated these programs and applied to all 3 Boston schools in the last minute, yep made the mistake of putting all my eggs in one basket. I applied to Umass Med. (my top choice) in August, they told me in Feb. the class was all filled out and I probably didn't get in, and just the other day they called and asked me if I could attend this year?
    I will make the deposit, but it would have been nice to hear from Simmons before again I put all my eggs in one basket. Oh the choices...
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    I agree, I wish all the school were on the same page and would let us know before we start sending deposits out everywhere. Hopefully you'll hear from Simmons soon! But you got into Umass, and that is awesome! =)
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    Caroline, Congrats on getting into UMASS!

    This question is kind of for everyone, regardless of the school you plan on attending... did you all fill out your FAFSA before you had a decision from a school? I just got into Regis this week, and that's where I will be going. I know they don't send out financial info until July ... but does anyone have an idea when I should fill out my FAFSA? I'm assuming sooner rather than later...

    I haven't even THOUGHT about a FAFSA in years since undergrad... haha.

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