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Hi, I am new to this forum and I am wondering if anyone has graduated from mcc in lowell the 2 year rn program. Also if anyone is in the middle of the program or applying for it. I am applying for 2010 evening program. I... Read More

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    Thanks Erin - I was looking into the CNA course for the fall regardless if I got in or not for January so I will probably go ahead with that. I have no pre-reqs left. It makes planning difficult to not know where you fall on the waitlist just to have some idea if you have a chance or not of getting in, you know? Knowing Krista got in and she applied in April, but I have no idea how many people were qualified between then and July when my app was complete. I was hoping for an end to this vague guessing game. Oh well! Thanks for the suggestions!

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    Hi Laker, I know its a horrible thing not being told where you are on the waitlist. I think the cna course will be good for you and hopefully itll give you dome great exp into this field. I would still cross your fingers just incase though..if it happened to me, it could happen to you...
    Well goodluck then with everything and keep in touch here if you want too.

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    It happened to me too! Keep your fingers crossed...
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    hey guys i just checked blackboard and our nursing class is up and ready to go!!
    I thought i would pass it along and let you know.....
    Hope everyones summer is going great so far!

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    Congrats to those who got in!
    For those who have attended, what is the program like? Any info would be helpful!
    I know this is an older threat, lol, but thought I'd give it a try
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    Hi chaisaci, are u applying to the program? Well there is a day program which is fulltime, and a part time evening weekend program.
    For first semester in the day program lecture is M W F and clinical/lab is T Th. In the part time program lecture is F night and open skills lab is Th night. Clinical/lab is on saturdays.
    Im starting this Fall with the part time program.
    Do you have any exp working in healthcare? Nice hearing from you and good luck with everything if you are applying for the program, hope u get in!
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    Hey guys!! I'm in the Fall PT Program. WOOOOOWHOOOOOOO!! Its almost here! Everyone getting excited, anyone nervous? I'm excited!! I'm in group A lab and group B clinical..anyone else? Going to order my name tags today and straighten out some book vouchers to get the books This is SO exciting!
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    Hi kharmon, im in evenings too. I think i remember u.. You were the first at registration in May, i was the second. Im erin. Im in group C and D. i cant wsit either! hey have u heard anything bout book vouchers or financial aid? Im waiting to get my books too. Hey i will look for u at orientation then, i wi be sitting in the front again.
    Nice talking to u!
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    I got most of my books in today. I ordered them on, the only one I didnt get yet is the fundies book which I will purchase at the bookstore. I'm gonna need a truck to haul them all around! I guess it is good they are not all hardcover anymore, and I suppose you wont need everyone, everyday, but we will find out soon.

    The closer the date gets the more nervous I get, I thought i would be super excited, but I'm more nervous than I thought I would be.
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    Hello lynm75, thats cool you got your books already. Im dying over here ready to buy them, then start reading...
    I need to wait for my book voucher first and I believe they come in closer to when classes start.
    I do know how you feel, im nervous too, esp when u add in work to the mix. Also i have to juggle that along with AP2,.which i already received my syllabus and reading assignments from that teacher. Boy do we have our work cut out for all of us!
    Well goodluck everyone and enjoy the last few weeks of summer..

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