Anyone in the LPN full time program at Quincy College for the fall?

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    Hi - I am attending Quincy College in the fall for the full time LPN program. (I missed the application deadline for the RN program ). Just wondering if there are any other students out there or if anyone has gone througth this program.

    I'm specifically looking for information on how easy it is to transition from the LPN to the RN program.

    Thanks so much!

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    The program does take LPN in the RN program. You have to do well in the PN program and have to wait at least 18 months to move to the RN program ( LPN start in January - at least in the evening program). Make sure you maintain a "B" average in PN program. You still have to repeat the admissions test.
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    Thanks for the info. I will be sure to try to maintain higher level grades. I was hoping to be able to move right from LPN to the Advanced RN but if I need to wait, then so be it. I was a Quincy College years (and years) ago right out of high school so I have already taken all the non-nursing classes which may help with the study load.
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    Great, as a former PN instructor, some of the students assume that the PN program would be easy since it is not the RN program. The PN program is very intense. If you develop good study skills ( like keep you reading current and not try to read all the chapters the day before the test) you will be able to do well.

    I do feel the wait to move on to the RN program is good since it gives the PN nurse time to get a years worth of clinical experience and able to function independently. Good luck and enjoy the program. I am very proud of my students who are working as nurses.
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    I just took and passed the Accuplacer yesterday. The woman in admissions said I should receive an acceptance letter in the next few weeks. I applied for the full-time program. Are you taking any courses this summer to lighten the load?
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    I'm definitely thinking about summer courses. I think I will try to CLEP out of Human Growth & Development. The 1 credit course for the LPN does not count towards the RN (which is my ultimate destination) so I would like to avoid actually having to sit through it twice KWIM?

    I don't have to take the psych credit either because I took Psych years ago at QC and it still counts but unfortunately by Algebra course does not . So that leaves College Math (to hard to CLEP out for me- I know I will fail that test without a refresher) and A & P I as options for the summer.

    I would like to try to take both if I can but I'm waiting for all the summer course schedules to come out. I have a vacation planned (and paid for) the first week of August - I'm not sure if that will be smack in the middle of finals, etc.

    I would love to only have to really concentrate on the Nursing courses in the fall but I'm nervous about an accelerated A&P course - I've heard it is really tough.

    I heard that QC sends the letters out on Fridays so you should get yours next week (unless they are running behind). How did you find the NET to be? I was surprised that it was not more difficult after being out of school for 20+ years.
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    Yeah, I don't have to take the Psych credit either, already took it @ Massasoit years back. I was also waiting for the course listings to come out, my thoughts were A&P too, but I'm not sure either. I might take something @ Massasoit as it is closer to me and then send in my transcripts for credit. They send out the letters on Fridays? Thanks for the info, I'll be looking for it! I didn't take the NET, I took the Accuplacer and found it pretty difficult, although admissions said I did extremely well and could get into RN with my scores. I've been out of school 20+ too! How is it that we took different tests for the same program? Maybe they changed the testing since you took the test?.
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    Hi - I just looked at my results sheet and I did take the Accuplacer - why did I think it was the NET LOL? I was also told that RN would have been good for me but they weren't willing to add me to the list, even though I begged and pleaded ;-) I don't have the pre-reqs needed anyway.

    Where are you located? I'm actually much closer to Massasoit as well but they didn't have any openings when I started looking. I was really late in the game because I was working full time until 1/31 and really didn't think nursing would be an option until I got laid off - some things happen for a reason LOL!

    I'm really excited to start this new phase in my life, aren't you.

    :redpinkhe - This is from my 3 year old - she like to see the smilies
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    Ah, I was many different tests for different schools though, lol! I didn't want to start off with the RN program, too scary, lol! Yes, things do happen for a reason! I started looking a little late too. I also applied to Blue Hills the day I took the Accuplacer at Quincy College, but they're not sure if they have any openings, so I'm waiting to hear from them too. I'm in North Easton and you?

    Yes, I am sooo excited to be starting this new phase of my life too!!!

    Too cute......for your daughter!!!
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    I didn't know Blue Hills offered classes outside of the high school. Interesting! My husband went there for electronics so many years ago.

    I'm in Halifax. It is so nice to know that there are other "older" students that will be in the LPN course in the fall (assuming you don't decide on Blue Hills). I think our life experience will do us some good, KWIM? As long as I can find the time to study (my husband works the night shift so I will be going straight from school to mommy status) I think I can get this done! I'm can't wait to get some more details. Now that I'm accepted, I guess I just have to sit and wait - so not my style LOL!

    Have a great day!

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