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  1. by   calalilly
    Hey MissPamela19. I do live in Boston.

    I went down to Yale this past weekend, and was not impresed at all with their facilities. In fact, I though Regis had a lot more to offer. The admissions counselor at Yale was telling me how they hoped to get a simulation dummy for their Med school. She was hoping the nursing students would be able to use it. I was shocked that they didnt have one yet. Regis has 2! And it wasnt even definite that the nursing students would be able to use it. I was surprised, they seemed to be behind the times. After my Yale visit I have decided that the only reason someone would go there is for the name. Their program doesnt seem any better than what you would get at Regis, NEU, Simmons, MGH.
    I am leaning more and more toward Regis, so we may be classmates in the fall. I am still waiting to hear back from Simmons though. Hopefully that will be soon.
  2. by   calalilly
    kobrien629, what program did you apply to at SImmons. I didnt think we would hear until April for the DE program. Thanks!
  3. by   Jennifer0512
    MissPamela... and anyone else who is going to Regis next year. I just wanted to update you to let you know that I am sending in my deposit on Monday and will definitely be attending Regis! Yay! I'm really excited about it and I am also definitely taking those 2 prereqs over the summer at Regis, so maybe we will get a chance to meet up before real classes start in September. It'd be nice to have a familiar face. Let me know what your plans are!
  4. by   MissPamela19
    Yayyy how exciting!! What made you decide??

    We will have to exchange info - I will send you a message with my contact info and I would love to get together before orientation, which I do believe is in July??

    Anyway, congrats again and I'm still so excited!! I still haven't decided about my prereqs... Regis is a hike for me to go M-Th for 6 weeks, so I looked into other schools within Boston, and none of them seem to work out schedule-wise. So I'm still really torn... I may have no choice but to commute to Regis. I have to decide by next week to register and whatnot, so I will keep you posted.
  5. by   Jennifer0512
    Everything just seemed right at Regis... the commute is better for me than at the actual in Boston schools, it's slightly cheaper than some of the other schools, I like the 3-year time line, they have good clinical sites, it's a great program, I've talked to a lot of RNs and NPs who graduated from there and they have NOTHING bad to say about it (and they're obviously successful), and also Regis is interested in me. They are the only school that actually has made me feel like a person and not a number!

    Basically there was nothing bad about Regis and it just seemed to make more sense for me rather than some of the other schools, so yeah I was nervous about making the final decision (it just seemed so well...FINAL) but after talking it over with my friends and family it was obvious that this is the right school for me!

    Haha long explanation, but yeah I'm excited. That is a tough decision about prereqs. Def keep me updated about that. And I look forward to your message. Even if you don't end up taking prereqs at Regis we should still try to hang out sometime this summer before orientation!
  6. by   calalilly
    I have finally made my decision, and I will be attending Regis int he fall! I am so excited and releived to know where I will be.
  7. by   Jennifer0512
    Yay Calalilly!

    You, Pamela, and I are all going to be classmates! I'm so excited. Do you have to take any prereqs this summer or are you all done?

    I sent in my deposit today actually and am also really relieved to have that step done with. Now it's just pure excitement. I hope they send us more information soon!

    Congrats again! Can't wait to meet you!
  8. by   calalilly
    Thanks! Congrats to you too for sending in the deposit. It defeinitely feels good. I am currently taking a growth and development class, and that is my only pre-req. I cant wait to hear more from them. I am getting really excited.
  9. by   MissPamela19
    Calalilly, congrats!! We will have to exchange info as well. I remember they told me in the interview, but do either of you know how many people are going to be in our program? For some reason 32 sticks out in my mind, but I'm not sure...

    Anyway, very happy to meet you guys here and know some people before orientation! Maybe we can all get together this summer (after u graduate, Jennifer) and hang out to discuss stuff before orientation? I'll be more than happy to host a little get together at my apartment if you guys want!

    Congrats again calalilly!! =)
  10. by   Jennifer0512
    I that you say it... don't know the average size of our class either... although I think it is a little bigger than 32, but I honestly have no idea.

    As far as meeting this summer before orientation to get to know each other and discuss/chat about stuff I would LOVE to do that sometime after I graduate, which is mid May so well before orientation anyway. That would be fun! And comforting to get to have some familiar faces and chat.
  11. by   MissPamela19
    Jennifer -

    I just called Regis and registered for the 2 prereqs today - BOTH in Summer Session I. I decided to take the Ethics course on MW 530-9, and the Development course is on TuTh 5-8. It's going to be a crappy commute for me, but it's only 6 weeks so I can deal. I just wanted to let you know because I know you were thinking about taking your prereqs there as well. Let me know what you end up deciding because maybe we can be summer classmates
  12. by   Jennifer0512
    Heyy Pamela

    Those are exactly the ones that I am doing in Summer Session I (those times too ) I haven't called to register yet, but that is on my to-do list for this week so yay!

    Looks like we will def be seeing each other before orientation!
  13. by   applying2nursing-de
    Hi girls I am so excited for you!!! I should have applied to Regis damn it!! I am still on the wait list for MGHIHP and have not heard from Simmons..ughhhh!!!!!

    Jennifer, I know we had chatted before. I know you applied to MGHIHP, but did you apply to NEU as well? They only had 24 spots, I applied on the last day possible, not knowing it was rolling admission. So I got a nice rejection e-mail from them and the rejection letter is on its way!

    Congrats on your acceptance and decision to go to Regis!!
    I can't deal with waiting for MGHIHP and Simmons...UGHH
    Does anyone know if/when the wait list will move at MGHIHP??? :-)