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anyone from middlesex community college rn program

  1. 0 Hi, I am new to this forum and I am wondering if anyone has graduated from mcc in lowell the 2 year rn program. Also if anyone is in the middle of the program or applying for it. I am applying for 2010 evening program. I completed my prereqs already. Didn't know if anyone had any thoughts bout it. Also what is a good bsn program to follow through with. Please reply with any thoughts or comments. Thanks. Erin
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    Not sure if you still check this since it was posted in May, but I just typed MCC in here to see if there were any posts.. I am currently taking my last non-nursing class there(mircobiology.) I got accepted in March and am pretty sure I am starting in Fall2010 ( I was I was this Jan. but the waitlist is out of control.. over a year now..).. have you herd back on the evening program yet?.. I know that UMass Lowell has a good program for BSN after you get your RN through MCC..

    anyone else from Middlesex?
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    Glad someone responded finally... have not heard yet but I know classes are thurs evening and fri evening and every sat. From 7 to 130. I hope we get in. How was micro? That is the only class left I need. I think they only accept 36 students per class. I can't wait I have been waitin for this for a while now.... do u live in lowell? I used too, my family still lives there. Do u know anyone else trying to get in next fall?
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    Im actually a day student, I applied for the day program but its the same program just differnt day/hours... I hope we get in also, when did you application just put in as complete?...I dont live in Lowell, I live in Burlington.. I am enrolled in Mico at the Bedford campus, but did do a semester in Lowell & knonw all the nursing classes are in Lowell.. Mirco isn't too bad.. my prof. is good.. his name is Kevan Murphy. Its hard a lot of infomation , but its pretty interesting. I just CANT WAIT to start nursing classes/clinical!!! .. I have meet a lot of people in my classes who are trying to get in, its such a long process but so worth it. They said they will send the letters out in JAN for Fall2010 so hopefully !!!!
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    Erindel, I also realized I responded to two of your posts, mostly w. the the same info.. should of combined them both, sorry about that
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    Its ok to reply to two of my posts, I answered u back in both of I put my application in march 2009. Did u do well on the cpt algebra test? It was the part with 12 questions. I stink in algebra but I did well on the math for nurses test. I wish I could do days but I need to work so I opted for the evening weekend schedule. There are not a lot of programs out there with an evening schedule. What kind of nurse do u want to be? I want to work in the operating room and the pacu. I have worked as a registered medical assistant for the last 3 years so I have some experience. I also worked in the emergency room at lgh and I loved that job too. I am sooo ready to learn and study and go to clinicals... I have wanted to be a nurse for a long long time. Its nice to find someone else trying to get into the same program.
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    Thats awesome, I bet you have a really strong chance for Fall2010 also (since our applications were complete same month) .. I wonder if the waitlist is longer so the day or night or the same? & if they accept the same amount of students per semester ? hmmmm..... I passes the nurses test but thought some parts were a little hard.. im not the best math student but bought a nur math book from the bookstore (which I should prob. look over more) .. I am not sure what kind of nurse I want to be yet, that is why I am excited for clinical.. right now I am interested in EVERYTHING. I just want to learn and experience everything. I volunteer in an ER right now, and I like it a lot... That is awesome that you so much exerience!!!!! That will def. help you with finding a job after and clinical!! All the RNS I have spoken too said if you can work as a CNA. All your classmates in clinical are going to be coming to you for help!! Yes, It is good to meet someone else so enthusiastic about nursing school & nursing in general who goes to the same school!!
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    i was wondering if they have already accepted people who were waitlisted from last year and did not get accepted for this fall 2009. they would obviously be accepted before us. i do know they are still accepting apps for the evening program 2010, but the day program is not accepting anymore. did you take statistics? i took the math connections class they had before they switched it to statistics. are u planning on continuing your education at all? eventually i want to get my masters degree and become an advanced practice nurse and a CRNA. i am in love with the idea of working in the OR. i wish we could have a sample syllabus of the first semester class to see what we are in for. well i hope you have a nice thanksgiving.....
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    Those people will start Jan2009 , I am assuming. I wish I was starting then. Guess we will just have to wait till Jan. to know for sure about Fall2010 but we can hope! .. Same w . me I took math connections also. Im nervous about that though, I think most of the math will be stats. That is awesome you have such great goals. My goal right now is to become a RN. After that I am sure I will set more goals. I love to learn & would love to someday become a NP or nurse manger etc.. but I can't wait to be an RN!!!! Fundamentals of Nursing LAb & clinical is the first class I know that.. You can look in the Spring sesmter class booklet thats out about the Nur classes. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Hi, I saw the class descriptions in the catalog. I wish we could talk to someone who is finishing up the first semester right now. I wonder what the clinical uniforms look like. I know the clinical sites used to be in bedford and concord, don't know if there still the same. I am just excited I guess!
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    I wish that too, I am prepared to work super hard & studying long hours... I know! I want to see the uniforms lol , I saw Lawrence memorial students at the hospital I volunteer at, I liked their uniforms. I can't wait! & I have so many questions that I wish could be answered noow ha..
    Are you going to take Microbio spring semester?
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    If I get accepted, I will probably take micro in the summer. I don't mind too much having a class during the summer. It just sticks thinking bout not getting accepted and then I would have to wait till sept 2011. That's a long time. I live down in danvers off of 128 so I have a long drive to lowell for classes. Its worth it to me tho... I still have not found anyone on this site who has previously attended mcc before. It would be nice to hear their experiences. Hope u had a nice thanksgiving.. it went by so fast!
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    Thats good, Have you tried calling & seeing if they think you have a good chance to start Fall2010? Also, do they have the night program that starts in JAN like the day ? If your application was complete in March & it says they are still accepting applications for fall2010 night program , I would guess you have a pretty good chance. .. Thanks, Can't believe Thanksgiving is overr already, time goes by so fast.. Can't wait for JAN to get lettters I hope we get IN for fall2010 soooooo bad.