Any recent LTC able to switch to Acute?

  1. 0 I have been doing LTC for 6 months now, got some decent experience... now I am trying to get some more experience in Acute setting or maybe LTAC like spaulding cambridge, or hebrew. Anyone have any luck switching in recently? I am taking dysrythmia with MNA, and ACLS in 2 weeks.

    I also have an option to keep my every weekend with benefits... anyone get an opportunity to do per diem as a new acute nurse on weekdays only?
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    After working in subacute rehab for a few years, I hot hired to work at an LTAC rehab hospital. I chose their Baylor program working every weekend, twelve-hour shifts both days. Their policy was that you had to work for atleast a year there to switch to per diem if you didn't have any prior acute care experience.
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    Spaulding Cambridge was a dump when I worked there. Be careful.
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    Anyone else swtich from LTC to a hospital recently in Massachusetts? Is it easier out in Central/West MA?
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    No it's not. There are even less hospitals out there than in the Boston/metro area.

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