Any Potential Regis College Fall 2012 Students?

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    Hello, I applied early decision for Fall 2012 matriculation into the accelerated BSN/MSN program and heard Christmas eve that I was accepted. Are there any other members here that are attending the program as well?

    I also attended the accepted student afternoon in January and did not get to talk to many people, I think most people there were a bit quiet as was I as well, however I would still like to get to know anyone that has applied and/or accepted.

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    I applied regular decision and won't hear until the 1st week of March. I hope I get in.
    Congrats on being accepted.
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    I spoke to you in the other thread, but hope to be joining you as well in the Fall. I applied earlier this week, so should know in 4-6 weeks!
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    Moved to MA Nursing Programs forum for more discussion.
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    Hi, I am waiting to hear re: regular decision for the Direct Entry RN/NP program for Fall 2012. I'm assuming this is the same as what you mention. I am currently taking classes to fulfill my prerequisites at Regis.

    Congrats on your early acceptance! I believe they are very, very picky for the EA people. What is your background?
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    jrwinney - thank you for the replies, I know Regis has a great program. Once I applied, I still had to re-submit my recommendations because the format was incorrect, however the application was still considered by the deadline. So I never really got to take a deep breath and wait as my personality likes to. Four days after I resubmitted the recommendations, I received the decision from the school. Since you have applied, easier said than done I am sure, relax! I would say good luck, but I do not believe in luck, not in a bad way, but half of anything (in my opinion) is skill, the other half is chance.

    vroussel - thank you for the message, I have a Bachelors in English and have worked in various industries, nothing major though. I honestly worked on each component of the application knowing that each piece was important, and anything that I thought weakened my application, I made sure everything else that I had control of was stronger. I am not in this to fool myself and inflate myself to look better. I felt qualified and tried to convey that through the application. Regis is my first choice so with hard work and some pure chance, I was able to be accepted. I am honored and excited to have this opportunity. I hope the best for you and believe that anyone that is qualified, no matter when they apply and before the spots fill, will be accepted.
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    Hi again RoImDreaming,

    Please don't think I was being anything other than congratulatory. It is not easy to gain early acceptance and you obviously did work hard to get there. I was just wondering if you already had a strong science background, and/or if you had most or all of your prereqs fulfilled when you applied.

    I was told that there are over 400 people applying for 64 +/- spots in Fall 2012, so there will be plenty of people that are qualified that don't get in. At this point all I can do is cross my fingers and wait.
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    vrousesel - thank you for the message and compliment, I did not take offense to what you wrote. I have never been good at receiving compliments, gifts, things like that. I have approached all of this application process with an open, humble perspective. I was honored to be accepted and look forward to the challenges ahead.

    I do have a somewhat strong science background, although no degree to show for that. I have been going to college somewhat consistently since I graduated high school.

    I hope the best for you, I heard that Regis was expecting a record amount of applicants for next Fall. If you are motivated and portrayed that to the school, you will be a strong candidate!
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    I applied EA and was wait listed from the EA list which is supposedly better than being deferred to regular decision but I don't quite understand the difference. Its also frustrating because it means my time line to hear from them is anywhere from around now until the beginning of next semester. Any insight?
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    heramay22 - my approach was if I did not get in early decision, I was going to contact the admissions department and ask what I could do to strengthen my application and become a more desirable candidate. My advice would be to ask how to be more proactive and see what you can do that is in your control. I am not stating that your application is not strong. I am stating that there may be areas that you do still have control of to make even stronger and work with admissions to do so. I hope the best for you and personally do not know the difference between wait listed or deferred. Take care.

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