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I'm new to this site so I apologize in advance if a thread for this has already started but I am looking for any applicants out there for the FNP program for Fall 2011 at University of Maryland's... Read More

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    Same here, interviewed two weeks ago and waiting.
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    Does anyone know how many people interviewed and how many seats are available?
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    Well, sort of figured maybe about 36 people interviewed, based on the fact that they interviewed about 12 people per day over the 3 days they interviewed candidates. Not really sure how many actual slots, hopefully at least 20! I asked my interviewers how many people applied this year and one of them said, "A lot! If you've gotten this far, you're doing really well". Sigh. I guess they are making us wait until next week.
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    Good luck to all who are waiting!!
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    Hi all,

    Spoke with admissions today to confirm that they did not hold interviews for psych. I was getting nervous. She reported that they will post on SIMS by the end of next week. Geez...that seems like a long time, huh?
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    Has anyone heard back yet? Still waiting...
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    Waiting, Waiting, Waiting.....
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    Results should be in...
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    Thought it would be today....
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    Hey guys, I got accepted to the FNP program, found out early afternoon on Wednesday May 2! Crossing my fingers for you, and hope you hear something soon.
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    Does anybody know how long (approximately) the wait list for University of Maryland school of nursing is? Thank you