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Hello! Are there any people out there who have had their interview with UMD CNL Program and waiting to hear about acceptance? I had my interview last Thursday and I am now in the hardest part of the application process...... Read More

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    Cool. I have some family who live in Baltimore... that extra family support couldn't hurt keep your sanity. From the way it sounds, we're going to need it.

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    I'm surprised that there aren't more people on here looking for insight into the CNL interview.
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    Yeah, I agree! They will probably start posting soon as I just started this thread yesterday.
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    Hope they do. Let's use this forum to keep ourselves sane through this period of WAITING. Come Monday, we'll have two more weeks to go. I don't think I have ever been this anxious about something I needed so bad.
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    Speaking with Aggo, he was told as of last Tuesday that we may know anytime now.. so hopefully before the 8th. Is it cold there in Bmore?
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    Was told the same thing by my interviewer & Juanita (rem. her huh?) - "you will hear something within two weeks of your interview".
    It's goin' to be harsh winter in MD I gather. It actually did snow yesterday, wasn't heavy enough to accumulate, but brace yourselves. Temperature highs are mostly below 50˚& 60˚ these days.
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    I called this week to ask when they thought decisions would be made. I was told they had hoped to get acceptances out this week but it will actually be some time next week. She wasn't sure if they would update admission status online first or just send out letters.

    Also, when I went for my interview I asked Juanita about how many applicants are interviewing vs available seats in the program. She said around 50-60 people were asked to interview and 40-50 available seats. If this is in fact correct, then we all have a pretty good chance of being accepted!
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    Very helpful info you got there amall. Taking into account what u said & considering the fact that Juanita told me to expect to hear 2weeks after my interview which was on 10/20, makes even more sense since the last date to interview was 10/24. Add 2 weeks to dat, & u get 11/07. All speculations
    It eases some tension to know that not too many applicant's were interviewed, which increases each and everyone of our chances of being accepted, or wait-listed.
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    Yeah, those chances look great!
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    I am really hoping I hear something today! This waiting game is driving me nuts.

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