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Hey! Anyone planning on applying to UMSON for Spring of '13?... Read More

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    thats good news!! maybe all statuses will be accurate by 2pm. That would be perfect.
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    Any luck? Still no word on my end. The anxiety continues to build!
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    Updated for me just before 3p. PROVISIONAL-ADMIT!!!! I'm so excited i could cry! Good luck to everyone else and thank you for the words of support and encouragement
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    Congrats!!! Still waiting, ah~!
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    congrats to you!! im still waiting anxiously ughhhh
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    Thanks! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of you!
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    Still no word for me... they said it could go into next week. I don't understand the hold up if there were only 300 applicants and we are going into 3 and 1/2 weeks since they started. Oh well, I'm just going to enjoy my holiday and forget about this!

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!
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    Someone explained that the 1st round of acceptances have gone out and they are waiting for people to accept or decline. Makes more sense!
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    good morning! hopefully today is the last day of anxiety for all of us still waiting!
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    That would have been nice! Still waiting... I wonder how many people are still waiting.

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