UMSON Spring 2013 - page 24

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    Grey Lady,
    Do you know if they are going into Monday with decisions? I still haven't heard and someone in admissions said they should be done by today.

    Is anyone else waiting too?

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    Still committe ready, I was hoping I would at least hear by yesterday, but alas the waiting continues.
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    At least I'm not the only one! Lets hope for Monday..
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    Fingers crossed for you! Good luck!
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    You as well, thanks!!
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    hey everyone. i am also still waiting to hear back from umson. the anticipation is killing me!!!! i pray that tomorrow i will have to wait no longer. good luck to everyone! hope we are all classmates! =)
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    Fingers crossed for you as well! I checked at 830, I will check again at 9, etc etc until I have to go to class. My teachers let me have my phone sitting out (as long as I'm not using it) just in case I get a call and have to tear out of the room. I'm a little more than anxious at this point haha
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    i feel the exact same way. i will have a heart attack if i get a phone call. i can't wait any longer. good luck to you as well!!
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    I called and they are updating statuses as we speak...
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    Hopefully we all hear positively! Good luck!

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