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Hey! Anyone planning on applying to UMSON for Spring of '13?... Read More

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    But I'm sure they'll update the website soon and that that will give you definitive information

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    I was accepted into the UMB Spring 2013 program for BSN. I will be riding the light rail into the city to get to class - anyone else in the same boat? The light rail is literally right down the street from my house, within walking distance. I am pretty excited to save the money on gas and not have to drive!
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    Quote from Chelsea13
    To everyone who was accepted, may I ask what your gpa was, what you were worried about on your application, what do you think stood out in your statement of goals and objectives, what your teas score was and HOW FREAKING EXCITED ARE YOU THAT YOU GOT IN?! Congrats to everyone. I'll be applying for spring 2014 and I can't wait to go to one of the BEST nursing schools in the country!
    I was worried about some withdrawals I had at the beginning of my college career. I had a GPA of 3.68 and my science GPA was 3.8.... but I didn't do so well at my TEAS. I didn't really have time to study much between all the classes I was taking at the time and I ended up with a 78%. I really wasn't sure if I was going to get in between my grades and my TEAS score. Honestly, I am glad to share this with you because prior to applying I was really curious what other's GPAs/TEAS scores were and I had a difficult time finding that information! As for that personal essay, I wrote about my own experiences with being sick (I had undiagnosed Lyme for several years) and how that gave me an empathy towards others and an appreciation for medicine. I also explained that some of the withdrawals stemmed from always being sick with this "mysterious" illness that I later found out I had. I was nervous to submit my essay because I thought it could maybe back fire on me- maybe it wouldn't look good to admit to having been pretty ill. My health is good now, and I feel great... but I was afraid of the negative stigma attached to it. Also, my Microbiology prof who wrote one of my recommendations said to check off the box that states that you do not want to read your letter of recommendation - she said that looks good on your part. Anyway, just write it from the heart- that's what I did! Good luck to you! ...and yes, I am sooooo excited to start!
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    Also, like someone else mentioned, they DO look at the whole package - not just GPA! I included all of the charity work and volunteer work I have done on my resume. I also have worked at Advanced Radiology for several years and was able to have one of our physicians write me a letter of recommendation. I am not positive but I was assume that working in the medical field, no matter your position, probably helps to some degree. Anyway - keep your head up! I never thought I would get in. I have been nervous since August. It is honestly a dream come true for me!
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    I plan on taking the light rail too! I'm a little nervous about the walk to the school from the Lexington Market stop though (w/c I think is the closest one).
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    Sweet! What stop will you be getting on? I am right at Ferndale. At least if our schedules coincide we can walk together and feel a lot safer.
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    Please does anyone know if there is scholarship available for incoming students (spring semester)?
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    I'll be coming from the opposite end near hunt valley for the light rail.As for scholarships I know they were offering merit scholarships that you would have been told you got during your phone call. If you weren't offered one of those you might want to look for scholarships from other sources like the state of Maryland
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    @sandiego i am not sure if it is too late, but there is the workforce shortage grant on maryland higher education website, and there are some scholarships which you are considered for when you apply to umson such as the merit scholarship offered.
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    @noshills, i noticed we were both waitlisted last semester and yay we got in! lol, where did you apply?

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