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Hey! Anyone planning on applying to UMSON for Spring of '13?... Read More

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    Quote from celinaconejo
    Grey ladyI was reviewing the posts and noticed you said you make calls to all the shady grove students. I selected sg campus...but I never got a call from you. I'm worried I made a mistake! Has this ever happened?
    Every SG will get a call (if I have a phone number) but I am the only one doing it and I am not even half way through. Be patient, folks!
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    Grey Lady,
    I applied for the Baltimore campus. The more time goes by of not hearing anything, the more discouraging it becomes.
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    So I've been reading everything for this forum so far and you guys aren't the only ones who haven't received word yet on your application. My status still says committee ready.
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    Quote from littlektgirl
    Grey Lady,
    I applied for the Baltimore campus. The more time goes by of not hearing anything, the more discouraging it becomes.
    I understand and I am sorry. But I think it is too early to get discouraged. It is not over until your status changes to Rejected Application. And even then you might get admitted to a later semester if you apply again with new information in your application. You have to remember that people from all over the country and even all over the world apply to many schools. They are given two weeks to accept our offer and if they do not, an offer is made to someone else soon thereafter. And others find they cannot afford the time or the money to come to nursing school or for other reasons. I don't have real numbers but my sense is that ten percent of each incoming class was not made an offer on the first round. It could be more. Or less.

    Maybe it would help if you proceeded as if you have been accepted. Take a look at the SON website under Accepted Students (which, as of this morning has not been updated for spring admits, but not a whole lot changes). Get the right CPR card. Get the immunizations. Review your A & P. Brush up on medical terminology - there are lots of internet sites including Johns Hopkins. None of that is a waste of time. Most of all, remain positive.

    Best of luck.
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    Thank you Grey Lady. I just reminded myself, "good things come to those who wait"... I also am currently in A&P II, so there's possibly a grade the college is waiting on before decision.
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    Is anyone who applied to shady grove still waiting for a call or status change?
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    Hey just to let everyone know who hasn't gotten anything back yet, I received my letter this past Saturday (which was dated from Friday the 2nd). I had two weeks from the date on the letter to give them the $400 tution deposit. I sent it in today, but the two weeks would have been up on Friday the 16th. I'm guessing other people had until then to accept and send in the money as well, so some of you might hear back from UMSON around that time. That's just my guess though. Good luck everyone! Don't give up hope!
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    Thanks and just out of curiosity what campus did you apply to?
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    Don't worry about your background check now. At orientation you will get more information about it and also before you start clinicals.
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    Just keep checking the website for orientation dates for Spring 2013. It takes a little while to get updated. I know you are all excited and want to get everything done on time b/c that's how i was in the summer.. good luck guys, enjoy your holiday because when school starts you will be a busy bee!
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    My status is "committe ready", (I have applied to SG campus, too) and I havn't got any call or letter. But I am sure Grey Lady will be calling us next week. So I am keep it positive!
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    Quote from nlucero
    Thanks and just out of curiosity what campus did you apply to?
    I'm at the Baltimore campus.
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    hey for those who have been accepted do you want to go ahead and start a facebook group???it would be a nice way to introduce ourselves and stay updated until the semester starts