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    I got the interview as well!!! So excited

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    I got my interview email this afternoon. Reading about everyone getting theirs yesterday had me frantic and emotional. So glad to see one in my inbox when I woke up for work!!!

    What day is everyone going?
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    I got an interview invitation today too. I live in CA, so I hope that they offer phone interview.
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    To all those who got interviews are you all applying to the CNL program or the NP programs?
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    Hey Grey Lady,
    Do you know if interviews for the FNP program were already sent out?

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    Next week is the last week of interviews!! Mine is on Monday at noon.

    The next three weeks is going to be nerve wracking waiting for the phone call. I have a competition on April 12th so I am going to do my best not to look online, just in case I don't get in, I don't want my competition to suffer. After I finish competing, I will DEFINITELY be looking online if I haven't gotten a phone call though!

    Good luck everyone!
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    Did anyone ask how many interviews they conducted or when we will hear something? I had mine on Tuesday and I was told they would make decisions in the next couple of weeks. Thinking positive thoughts!!
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    The lady there told me that they scheduled approximately 80-90 interviews and that they will accept between 40-60 out of that. I believe she said admission letters go out April 17th, but that we may find out sooner than that online. Good luck =)
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    I know that when I attended an information session they said that anyone who was accepted would receive a phone call from UMSON letting them know!
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    We're in the final countdown before acceptances go out! Is everyone as excited (strung out) as I am?

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