UMSON CNL Fall 2013 Applicants - page 3

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    Did anyone ask how many interviews they conducted or when we will hear something? I had mine on Tuesday and I was told they would make decisions in the next couple of weeks. Thinking positive thoughts!!
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    The lady there told me that they scheduled approximately 80-90 interviews and that they will accept between 40-60 out of that. I believe she said admission letters go out April 17th, but that we may find out sooner than that online. Good luck =)
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    I know that when I attended an information session they said that anyone who was accepted would receive a phone call from UMSON letting them know!
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    We're in the final countdown before acceptances go out! Is everyone as excited (strung out) as I am?
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    I'm trying to stay as calm as possible. I check my status 1-2 a day. I can't wait until the waiting is over.
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    I know, the wait is killing me! Good luck everyone :0)
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    Did anyone get a call today?

    After my interview, I was told they would start making calls on April 17, but I was also told by a current student in the program that it would take longer than they said.
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    No call, no email no nothing!! I thought they said April 17th too 😖
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    Hey, I called in yesterday and asked whether it would be on April 17th. The response was that we will know "sometime" this week and the status will definitely be updated online before we get anything in the mail.
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    Well, considering that online registration starts Monday, I'd hope we'd know this week. Well, two days to go. If not tomorrow, Friday is the day! So happy this waiting is almost over, for better or worse.
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    what is the online registration that starts monday?
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    Quote from afent002
    what is the online registration that starts monday?
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    I spoke with someone in admissions today and she said they're currently updating online statuses. She said to keep checking there, and we should know by this week or definitely next week. This wait is killer!!!

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