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    Just waiting on one recommendation just sent her an email to find out if she sent it in. Now we wait. Good Luck everyone!

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    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! It feels like forever since the application deadline passed, I wonder how long until calls will be made to schedule interviews!
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    In looking through last year, it was early April for interviews and late April/ early May for a decision. I hope it is shorter this time around. Recommend reading or searching through the posts from Grey Lady. She has provided the best insights on the Maryland SON admissions process and timing. Good luck.
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    Admissions told me that interviews will take place in March, so I expect we will know before too long whether or not we have been invited to interview!
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    Here's to hoping it's early March.
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    I was wondering if you might tell me more about your masters degree. What are the potential careers/job duties involved with healthcare management? I currently work in a research lab and I am trying to find some other healthcare related fields that don't involve being behind the lab bench. Any info you have and would like to share is appreciated! :0)
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    Hi there. This is rose (violets13), I forgot the login to that username so I am using this one. I personally work in healthcare information technology which is a pretty hot field right now. I mostly do research on electronic health records, mobile medical devices, etc. I don't really do anything in the "management" aspect, though. I'm transitioning to patient care since I feel it will be more rewarding. I guess everyone has their own niche to find! Let me know if you have other questions.
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    Hi everyone,
    I was browsing and found this website. I am so nervous about this process of applying to NP school. It's good to see that others are also nervous too..... I was wondering if anyone knows if they call you for the interview or if they will send a letter or email. Thanks
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    I GOT AN INTERVIEW!! Just got an email about it.
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    Got an interview email!! I'm super nervous now

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