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Hi everyone! I created the BSN Fall 2013 topic, but I couldn't apply at that time due to family issues. So now I'm applying for Spring 2014! Anyone else applying? :]... Read More

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    thanks queserasera! hope you hear good news soon. we've all waited long enough. earlier last week, i emailed admissions asking about when they would start notifying wait-list applicants and was told around mid-december. however, yesterday morning, unsuspecting any status change i saw the words "admit-institution". don't lose hope
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    I'm in!! 🎉
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    Quote from Sarah922
    Yes! I did get online! I'm def doing part time now especially since I'm in the process of planning a wedding! So stressful! Did you register yet how can you tell what classes are online? Where I'm looking it has the class listed some say campus, blackboard, and blackboard partial in list form. But it has a class time under it as well. I'm so confused!
    Awesome! I'm so sorry for the delayed response. I agree with your confusion on the class sign-ups. Don't even get me started on the tuition break-down! I'm assuming it's the blackboard classes that we should sign up for but the class having specific times threw me off, too. I'm going to the orientation on 1/13, are you? I'm sure a lot of our questions will be addressed then. I'm not so stressed about signing up for the classes since there seems to be one online class of each. I'll get it together, I still have a lot of paperwork to complete and send in yet.

    I wish I could PM you, but the site doesn't allow that. My UMB email address is if you want to chat in more detail! Happy Holidays!
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    No more wait list! I got the call yesterday . Is anyone planning to take the CPR class in the next few weeks?
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    Knw so happy for you! Keeping my fingers crossed for a call
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    Quote from KNW546
    No more wait list! I got the call yesterday . Is anyone planning to take the CPR class in the next few weeks?
    Way cool!!!

    I was supposed to take one in December but it was cancelled and rescheduled for January. I thought it was going to be a fairly quiet winter but the list just grows longer. Two orientations, CPR, getting parking passes, picking up IDs, buying books and pcs.... whew!
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    Quote from Grey Lady
    Wooo Hooo! I just got the go-ahead to start calling the Shady Grove students which I will begin today. It usually takes me a week to get through to everyone so be patient! And as of right now, not all statuses for accepted students have been changed so more of you will be getting some good news soon!
    Hi grey lady. I'm actually an applicant for the fall 2014 semester. Can you please tell me when everyones status change. Also this year was a little bit different because the school sent out an email asking to pick our preferred account. Even though it said it has no impact on if we are accepted or not, how will that work? Also how many students are general admitted on both campuses? And how many applicants does the school generally receive?

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