UMB Spring 2010 Applicants (BSN or CNL)

  1. After following the Fall '09 thread with great interest, I thought it might be time to start a new thread for the Spring '10 applicants since we're inching closer to the Sep 1 deadline. I have a technical question for those who have applied before. I submitted my CNL application online this morning and paid the $50 and now it seems like my application has slipped into a vortex that I don't have access to. When I log onto SURFS to check my status, the only option that it gives me is to submit a new application. Is there somewhere else on the website that I should be looking to confirm that my application has been submitted and is pending review or awaiting additional information (transcripts, recommendations, etc)? Perhaps there is a delay between when the application is submitted and when the status is visible?

    Best of luck to all the other the agonizing waiting game begins! Looking forward to giving each other support and encouragement on this thread.
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  3. by   scrub<3
    Fellow spring10 applicant here! I'm applying to the BSN program and specified the Shady Grove campus.

    I had the exact same problem with checking my status online. Whenever I would login in it would direct me to begin a new application. I ended up e-mailing the school and it works now. But I don't know if it was fixed by someone in the school or fixed on its own. Best bet would be e-mailing the school so the problem is brought to their attention.
  4. by   mother_matters
    Thanks scrub<3. The SURFS problem didn't resolve itself today so I sent a message to the SURFS helpdesk and am waiting to hear back. They are probably going to think that I'm neurotic but I need to see with my own two eyes that my application has been received and is pending review (beyond the application fee receipt!!). I'm hoping that it will also indicate whether my letters of recommendation have been received since they were sent directly to the school (hopefully not before my application was in the system). Thanks so much for your helpful feedback.
  5. by   Blondell
    I have a couple questions regarding the application process.
    For the sign up online application. Can I do it ahead of time or I need to have all my document together and send out then apply?

    For the essay, how long is it? 500-600 word is it enough? double or single space? I went to the info session and the lady said single space then I read it here it said double.

    For the courses in process form, for CNL applicant do I need to submit all the class that I finished or only the pre requisite classes.

    Good luck to all
  6. by   silviafreyre
    Once your app is online it'll list everything they have received from you thus far. It'll list the transcripts you've sent, the recommendations they've received, resume, etc.
  7. by   mother_matters
    Thanks Silviafreyre--it looks like a might be a problem with my particular account. My online application was submitted aprox three weeks ago, yet when I log into SURFS, the only option it gives me is to create a new application (though I can tell that it recognizes my id because it auto-fills my contact information). I've been in touch with the school and they can't figure out what's wrong--they looked up my userid and can see me in the system. They said that I should be able to see a checklist. I've even tried to log in on another computer to see if it's a "cookie" issue. To get this resolved, I may take a trip up to the campus to visit with them in person (just as soon as my summer A&P II class is over). I really want to be able to see the checklist so that I know what's still missing (especially as the application deadline gets closer). I've also heard that you can see the admission decision online long before you hear anything in the mail---which is a big incentive to get this resolved!

    What program are you applying for?
  8. by   silviafreyre
    No problem. i had a little issue with my online app as well. Where it listed all the transcripts they received, there was one from a college I've never heard of. I called them and they promptly removed it. It was a little weird but I figured it was just a data entry mistake? Anyhow, when I get into SURFS it lists my transcripts multiple times.
    FI applied for the traditional BSN but I still have 3 outstanding pre reqs that I registered for in the Fall, micro, stats, and chem 111. I'm taking them at AACC since I live in Arnold. I'm scheduled to take the NET in 2 weeks, will mail them my resume this weekend, and have 1 outstanding recomm. It's a confirmed recomm. but he's out of town and will mail it the first week of Aug. So that's where I stand. How about you?
  9. by   mother_matters
    Hi again silviafreyre. Very weird about the mystery transcript--glad to hear they resolved that quickly for you! I'm applying for the CNL program. Have one remaining prereq (Human Growth and Development) that I'm taking this fall at Montgomery College (I've done A&P I & II this summer). I live in Bethesda and will commute to Baltimore if I get into the CNL program. Your profile indicates that you're 37--you're a kindred spirit because I just turned 38. Do you have kids? I have a son who is 6. I know that nursing school is going to have a huge impact on my family but I am very hopeful that the end will justify the means. My family got a little taste of what's in store since I've been taking the prereqs--especially the compressed summer A&P classes--and I've been relieved to see how well everyone has adjusted (including me!). Best of luck with the NET and with your application! It's comforting to know that others are going through the same nervewracking process right now.
  10. by   silviafreyre
    Yes, I have 3 kiddies ages 9,8, and 5. And they're getting more and more expensive so an extra income will surely come in handy It will most certainly be worth it. Are you an RN? What is the CNL and are the pre reqs the same as for the BSN? Do you work? I've been home for 10 years and I'm itching to get back in the game. I'm a former flight attendant but I stopped when I had my first. I worked briefly as a CNA at an assisted living facility in Connecticut and absolutely loved it. We moved to MD for my hubby's job and that was the end of that. I needed to be home with my pre schooler and the pay certainly didn't do a thing for us since it was part time. Actually it was more of a mommy time gig for me. Anyhow, I have an AS and always aspired to go for my bachelors, so here I am! Let's keep in touch!
  11. by   mother_matters
    Hi Again--the CNL (Clinical Nurse Leader) program is for those with a prior non-nursing bachelor's degree looking to enter the nursing profession by earning an MS as opposed to a BSN. The end result is the same---a generalist who is eligible to sit for the NCLEX. UMB only offers the CNL program at the Baltimore campus. I'm under the impression that the CNLs are in many of the same classes as the BSNs so we just might cross paths in class! Best of luck with your prerequisites and your application---keeping my fingers triple-crossed for all of us!
  12. by   mother_matters
    Just wanted to update this thread in case anyone else reading it is in the same boat with their application. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I was unable to see my application checklist in SURFS for aprox three weeks after I submitted my application online. No one at UMB could figure out what the problem was since everything looked fine from the school's perspective. They thought it might be a technical problem with my computer but I encountered the same situation whenever I logged in from other computers as well. Suddenly, at the three week mark, the problem seemed to correct itself. Hope this brings some peace of mind to anyone else who encounters the same issue.
  13. by   Blondell
    Good for you. I am glad that it fixed. I applied online last week and On Monday I can see my application. I did call the Admission office but they just asked me to wait.
  14. by   umbismylife
    i applied on the 19th of this month...nd i cant stop checking the online thingy...i am so scared!!! worst part is..thats the only school i applied too...i need somebody to calm my nerves...btw..i applied to the BSN