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Hey everyone, I wanted to start a thread because as I search I couldn't find anything that was really on the route of what I was looking for. Is there anyone that has applied to Towson University School of Nursing, whether it's... Read More

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    @dlo2005 - Thanks! I'm really excited to start.

    You are correct - I did say that I was pre-med! I should have said that I know I would like to continue my education after I get my BSN, but I am not sure what route I will take yet. There are many options and I'm not sure if I am ready to dedicate so much of my life to learning about medicine via medical school, though it is appealing to think about learning about the body, medicine, etc so in depth.

    I didn't realize that Maryland potentially gives 10k to students just for working at their hospital, but that's one great incentive... I am fortunate enough to have taken classes that I ended up not needing for nursing school, so I only have a couple med school pre-requisites left if I decide to go.

    I ended up deciding to go to umb as well. That's a great point you made about making contacts with UMB's medical school if the programs work together in any way. I doubt that they do though, since nursing takes such a wholistic approad to nursing. I will definitely look into it though. Thanks so much!

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    Quote from mlshulman711
    bmorerachel- I ended up finding one at CCBC which ends in time if I was pulled from the waitlist.
    dlo2005- congrats on getting accepted to UMD! And thank you for opening up a spot on the waitlist! I called Brooke a few weeks ago to find out how it works. She said that after fall grades are finished, they will put the waitlisted in order of their gpa. Typically about 15-20 get pulled each year. So far I have A's in the last two pre-reqs I'm working on, so I am hoping that it's possible for me to get pulled off. I did get accepted to CCBC, but have decided to pass so I can get a BSN instead.
    Hi, did you get accepted into CCBC Essex or Catonsville? That opens a spot for the wait listed students. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    LuckyME4 - I had been accepted to Catonsville, and called them right away to turn down the spot. I'm am really hoping someone did the same at Towson, for me! Good luck.

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