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Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could share a little bit about their experience at Suburban Hospital particularly their new grad program? As a soon to be new nurse there-- please feel free to... Read More

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    Quote from nerd11
    Hey everyone,

    I am going to interview with Suburban for a new grad position, so I was wondering if you could give me some interview tips from your experiences?
    Congrats on your interview at Suburban! Can you tell me if you already have your RN or are still in nursing school, and which unit there you're applying for?

    I submitted an application there just last week, and I'm still in school (graduating with my BSN next month).

    Thanks. :-)

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    I am so sorry I have not replied earlier-I had no idea that people replied.

    @Pokytrokyt. I applied on-line but I also followed up and called HR. Ask for the Nurse Recruiter-she actually answered her phone! I know they just posted a new grad position for oncology. Apply now

    @AntMarchingRN. I totally agree! I am so excited. I will see you Monday What about you?
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    how can i apply for their new grad program?

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