Shady Grove Hospital in Rockville

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    I have applied to the Medical unit (2A) at SGH and am schedulled to have the pre-interview test. I would like to know more information from anyone that is working there or has worked at this hospital, particularly if you have any knowledge of the M/S floors. Thank you.
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    I too am interested. Thanks.
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    Did you apply to one of their units?
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    I have applied for several different units at Shady Grove. Looking forward to good things!
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    @movingforward, how long after you applied did you get scheduled for an pre interview test?
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    2 A is the better floor. Stay away from the 4th floor M/S surgical wing. If you signed a new grad contact, stay for it's duration & get certified in that specialty then move on to another hospital.
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    how long does it take them to response after you applied? I am also interested in joining med/sug unit?any suggestion appreciated
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    I believe it took a few weeks, about 2-3 weeks before they sent me an email after I put in my application. They told me I needed to score above 80% to move forward with the interview process. You will get the score right after you finish the test. I scored well and was told my test scores wwould be forwarded to the hiring manager and I should receive a call. I didnt receive a call and was wondering why so I sent them an email. They told me because I didnt pass the Gallup RN Assessment test I wasnt able to go to the next step of the interview process.

    If you are scheduled to take the test I would study from the NCLEX-RN study guides. I did mainly questions, but ofcourse you should review things your not familiar with. Also doing math questions will help you. Good luck with the application process
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    I've recently completed RN resume was forwarded to nurse recruiters/hiring managers! I hope to hear back from them soon!! What should I expect next? Interviews? Shadowing? This would be my first interview...
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    @gadgitgurlrn- What is it about unit4 Med surg that you dislike? I interviewed for the internship this week and am suppose to hear back today.