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  1. by   hopefulinFairbanks
    I am applying to Salisbury Univ. for the fall 10 semester 2nd degree BSN program. Anyone have any information on it? I want to know what kind of stats selected students have ect. If I get accepeted I will be living near the in laws, my husband will be happy and so will my 3 boys
  2. by   RosesRN
    i just got accepted into the accelerated bachelors in nursing. looking for a roommate for Fall 2009. i am looking for another nursing student because I want to live in a quiet parties or lots of guests. i am female, 26, and from out of state, I have two mainly outdoor kitties. I don't mind living with male or female, older, younger. Just someone low drama, relaxed-tidy. please message me if you are interested.
  3. by   Rikki08
    I just recently decided I was going to pursue my BA in nursing and am looking to apply to Salisbury University's ABSN program (I already have a BA in Journalism from UMD). I currently live in San Diego, but am originally from Maryland and plan on relocating within the next couple of months to start my pre-requisites. I want to get everything completed as quickly as possible so that I can start school as quickly as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions about where to complete the pre-requisites? Unfortunately, I am going to be considered an out of state student. Any suggestions on how to pay for pre-requisites? How difficult it is to get accepted to Salisbury's program? Also, are there any other affordable schools to pursue 2nd degree BSN that take no longer than 2 years in Maryand? How long has is taken some of you to complete the pre reqs? I will be quitting my job and moving back across the country to pursue this so I am getting a little worried.
  4. by   RosesRN
    I took some prereqs online and some at a tech school in another state. There is a LOT of competition for all the ASBN programs. I had a 3.5 in my prereqs.

    Are you sure you want to move back here? The school is awesome, the teachers, the curriculum, the students, but the town is a total armpit. It is dangerous too, and there is nothing to do here (good for just studying all the time though)

    I dont think FAFSA can help you with prereqs, but it can help you with your 2nd bachelors. If you earn a 3.0 at SU for the BSN, it is an automatic in for the NP program, you can start the next semester after you graduate. It would be 2 years full time or you can stretch it out as long as you want.

    If you sign a Tuition Reduction agreement with the school you will get resident tuition if you agree to work for 4 years in $3k per semester vs $7k...I probably won't say here for 4 years, unless I moved to Annapolis or something, but at least it is a kind of a type of a loan I can pay back once I am working.

    Good luck!

    Good Luck!
  5. by   JuneBugRN07
    I graduated from Salisbury's 2nd deg program Dec 07. Let me start by telling you what no one would tell me till i was out of nursing school. Clinicals in school are not like "real" nursing. I am NOT a med surg person and thats what clinicals are... i hated them!! ok but the program.. its intense. The faculity is great. They seem to really take 2nd deg students under their wings, they know we have no life and that we miss people at home (even the people going home to famliy since you never have time to see them) the Ped clincal is a joke... I shared one patient with an other student. since peds are my group of choice i wanted more experence but you can only do so much in 3 semesters.

    Good Luck
  6. by   RosesRN
    I am in the 2nd degree program now, 1st semester. it is just starting to get really intense. we have Adult I clinical on the ICU stepdown called PACU....sooo pts are pretty critical. I really like the program, the faculty, the school. i feel like the program is designed very well.

    JuneBugRN07: where did you get your first job? did you do a summer externship? in a few months i want to apply to some externship programs....

    take care!
  7. by   JuneBugRN07
    I did an extern ship at UMD in the peds cardiology clinic.... lots of people stayed local but I wanted to be near family for the summer. And I got my first job at Hopkins in the Peds ED.

    good luck. Who is your clinical instructor? I had Dr. Seldomridge for both medsurg clinical (LOVED HER!!)
  8. by   RosesRN
    what do you mean a lot of people stayed for the summer? I know PRMC did not offer any summer externships last summer due to budget cuts....soo, i am thinking i might have to go to DC or NYC for the summer or CA, if I can get in there, they are in bad financial shape too.
  9. by   JuneBugRN07
    The summer I was there they did have externships. The problem I ran into with many of the out of town hospitals is they wanted a commitment during the school year. which is not something that can be done the last semester. You will be spending a great deal of time in clinical (weekdays and weekends)
  10. by   RosesRN
    thank you! if i can't get hooked up with a summer hospital externship i am going to look into camp nursing. i love kids so it sounds fun.
  11. by   ixchel
    Just bumping this old thread to see if anyone has any more recent experience with SU's BSN program. I'm applying for fall 2012 and doing my pre-reqs at wor-wic. Would love to meet some local nursing and pre-nursing students!
  12. by   LV311
    Just found this thread too. I'm applying for fall 2012 too. So far I have heard mostly positive things about SU nursing programs (although mostly from nurses who went through the traditional BS program).
    I'm not sure if I'll get in, I have a really good resume and references but not the best grades. I didn't really become a focused student until my sophomore/junior year of college so my undergrad GPA isn't the best. I'm hoping they take into account that I have a Biology/Chemistry BS, so it's a good science base for nursing classes.
    I'm sort of expecting the worst so I don't get my hopes up and also applying to the local community college RN program so I have a back up. SO many of the other BS to BSN programs are CRAZY expensive and I can't afford to move away for family reasons.

    Good luck to you! If we're lucky we could be classmates next fall!