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Any of you know about the nursing programs through Salisbury? Any feedback wanted...THANX!!... Read More

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    what do you mean a lot of people stayed for the summer? I know PRMC did not offer any summer externships last summer due to budget cuts....soo, i am thinking i might have to go to DC or NYC for the summer or CA, if I can get in there, they are in bad financial shape too.
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    The summer I was there they did have externships. The problem I ran into with many of the out of town hospitals is they wanted a commitment during the school year. which is not something that can be done the last semester. You will be spending a great deal of time in clinical (weekdays and weekends)
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    thank you! if i can't get hooked up with a summer hospital externship i am going to look into camp nursing. i love kids so it sounds fun.
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    Just bumping this old thread to see if anyone has any more recent experience with SU's BSN program. I'm applying for fall 2012 and doing my pre-reqs at wor-wic. Would love to meet some local nursing and pre-nursing students!
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    Just found this thread too. I'm applying for fall 2012 too. So far I have heard mostly positive things about SU nursing programs (although mostly from nurses who went through the traditional BS program).
    I'm not sure if I'll get in, I have a really good resume and references but not the best grades. I didn't really become a focused student until my sophomore/junior year of college so my undergrad GPA isn't the best. I'm hoping they take into account that I have a Biology/Chemistry BS, so it's a good science base for nursing classes.
    I'm sort of expecting the worst so I don't get my hopes up and also applying to the local community college RN program so I have a back up. SO many of the other BS to BSN programs are CRAZY expensive and I can't afford to move away for family reasons.

    Good luck to you! If we're lucky we could be classmates next fall!