Salisbury University 2nd Degree BSN

  1. Who's applied for 2010? Heard anything yet? Anyone currently IN the program? Love to hear any details!! I've applied for Fall 2010 admission, but haven't heard anything yet!
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  3. by   mom2_3boys
    I applied too! Glad to hear I am not alone in the waiting game!! I will post if and when I hear something.
  4. by   mom2_3boys
    Looking good for our chances, judging by the responses!!! (I can hope, right?)
  5. by   mom2_3boys
    Have you heard any thing yet? I am sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear about the interview! Hopefully soon! Are you done with your pre reqs? I start microbiology and A&PII in 2 weeks, so I am enjoying the vacation!
  6. by   lump68
    I have my interview today. I will let you know how it goes.
  7. by   mom2_3boys
  8. by   mom2_3boys
    My interview is scheduled for Jan 27. Are you in Salisbury, did you get a face to face? Mine will be telephone, I am in Alaska!
  9. by   lump68
    I went down to Salisbury and met with Karen Badros. I live 45 minutes from the college. She basically just told me about the program and wanted to make sure that I was aware that it was full time and pretty intense. She showed me around and introduced me to Carmel Boger who will be helping us register and with other administrative stuff. They did not say when they would contact me, but other people have said they heard as late as March. Have you finished all your prereqs? I am taking chemistry this semester and pathophysiology online in the summer.
  10. by   mom2_3boys
    That sounds really great! I have taken Chem, AP I and Stats, this semester I am taking AP II, micro and Patho. I wonder how many people we are up against?! Did it sound like it was a more of you still wanting the program or them accessing you? (does that make any sense??) I am really over analyzing this thing! I am in Alaska and will be moving to MD with my youngest son if I get in so there are soooo many things for me to think of that getting accepeted is really stressing me out!
  11. by   sweet2heart009
    i currently go to SU. I got my ADN degree from Wor-Wic and am going for my bachelors, which is kind of like the 2nd degree program. i love the instructors so far. They are always willing to help and answer your emails very quickly. Karen Badros is an excellent instructor and she knows what she's talking about. I just started taking the "nursing classes" portion in fall 09, got 2 semesters left. So far, i feel like i have learned more in 1 semester through the health assessment than i did at wor-wic for assessment.
  12. by   astro5gem26
    I had my interview today! She told me i should hear something by March. She also mentioned how intense the program is and that i should clear my schedule the first semester and see if I can handle working. But she does not recommend working. I think the interview went well but who knows
  13. by   mom2_3boys
    Hey guys! Had my interview this morning, I feel like it went well, but like astrogem, WHO KNOWS?? I asked how many applicants there were over 100! How many slots are there 25?? Can March get here any faster??
  14. by   lump68
    I will keep my fingers crossed for us. I didnt think there was that many since they called me and my application was late. Let me know when you hear something.