Salisbury Accelerated BSN Applicants for 2013 - page 4

The deadline is approaching! I noticed there wasn't a thread for this so I thought I'd start one. Is anyone else out there applying to Salisbury for the Accelerated BSN program?... Read More

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    That's great! Thanks for the info. I had also looked into that program, and not needing a proctor is a financial plus.

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    That's great to know that an online Patho course is acceptable! Thanks for that info. So, now we just wait, and it sure is torture!
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    Guys, is Salisbury school well known for nursing? is it a good school? sorry, I just moved here! thanks for any of your response...
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    Salisbury has had the best NCLEX pass rates in the state for several years running, even higher than Johns Hopkins. Not bad!
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    Does anyone know how big the class will be?? I am getting so impatient/nervous.
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    I believe it's only 24 students. Tight competition!
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    Wow! Only 24 spots?? That is pretty scary! I applied at the end of November right before graduating from SU with my first bachelors. My SU GPA was 3.37 and I got B's in A&p 1 and 2, Statistics, C in chem, and A's in micro and patho. I hope that C in Chem doesn't wreck my chances. :/
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    I'm also a male. Are there any other guys in this thread?
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    only 24?? that makes me so nervous. good luck!
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    I am not a male. haha

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