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The deadline is approaching! I noticed there wasn't a thread for this so I thought I'd start one. Is anyone else out there applying to Salisbury for the Accelerated BSN program?... Read More

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    What other programs did you apply to?
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    GCC8, I only ended up applying to one school because I got into my first choice before my apps were due for the others but there were several I was considering applying to. Most were out of state. Were you asking which programs other people applied to so you can get ideas for other schools? If so, I have a spreadsheet with info about tons of programs if you want. Let me know
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    Hi GoVeg,

    I would be interested in checking out the spreadsheet. I think it would be very useful to me. Thank you for offering.
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    Hi everyone. I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to see if anyone is still checking this one out. I have applied for entry for fall 2014 and I just wanted someone to walk me through the process. I have turned everything in but haven't heard anything for a confirmation of my application besides that I am accepted into the college as a 'transfer'. So if anyone could message me back on here or private message me to give me more insight on the process I would appreciate it!