RN Jobs, Salary Scales etc in East Coast

  1. RN Jobs, Salary Scales etc in East Coast


    My girl friend is interested in relocating from the west to the east coast. We are particularly interested in the Philladelphia, Delaware, MD, DC, NY, NJ areas.

    What are some of the nice hospitals with good working conditions in any of these areas?

    What are the salary scales. She is an B. Sc (RN) with about 10 years of experience.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

    (message cross-posted in each of the above geographic forums).

    cheers, MN
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  3. by   Ms.AJLPN2RN
    If this helps: I am LPN/LVN with 15 years experience now RN grad May '05. Most facilities here have offfered half of my LPN/LVN time which equates to approx 7.5-8 years. These are what I am looking at choosing from. All in Labor and Delivery.
    Johns Hopkins:$29 no shift differentials
    Saint Joseph Medical Center:$28 plus 3$ something in shift differentials
    Franklin Square: $28 plus 3$ something in shift diff.
    University of MD: $24!! ahh!! with 3-5$ in shift diff.
    Please PM for more details about each benefits.
    (I moved from the west coast and wished I had done this homework first)
  4. by   zannlee
    Don't know the exact salaries, but I have moved all over the country and also recently looked into Travel assignments. I usually found that going East from West, and South from North; salaries drop. Highest paying are West coast, then Northern areas. East and South are the lowest paying. Anyone have any other info??
  5. by   nursebear22
    I have been working in MD for about 4yrs now (RN) and the base pay doesn't seem really great, but if you are looking for a fulltime job without the benefits you can get up to the following:
    All weekend nights- $49/hr (flex4)
    nights with 4weekend shifts/6wk period- $41-43/hr (flex 3)
    day shift w/4weekend shifts/6wk period- $32.9-35/hr (flex3)

    Above is also with the option of working extra hours if needed at time and half.
    Flex 3 committement is only 96 hrs in a 6wk period, so if you sign up for 96hrs and then add on extra days to full time hours you'll be making a lot of money. You only have to buy your own benefits, which does not cost too much more from outside companies.
    Hope this helps
  6. by   military spouse
    I live in PA, but work in MD. One job is $24/hr and the other is $26.56/hr. I was making $31.50/hr in AZ before we moved here. Atleast in this part of MD, the wages are horrible! I'm sure the larger cities have better wages.