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Okay, last semester I was rejected from two schools, so I am obviously taking steps to better my chances. I am volunteering at UMMC, have retaken A&PII (my only C) and earned an A (yayyyy me!!),... Read More

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    Quote from SB113

    DO NOT LET ANYTHING DISCOURAGE YOU!! If you don't try, how will you know?!?! Unless you speak DIRECTLY to someone in admissions, I would not consider yourself screw*d. And honestly, I am not sure if there ARE any schools that are lenient

    I have to give kudos to Towson. The admissions coordinator actually CALLED me to explain an issue with my application! I could have easily just been "rejected" and wouldn't have had a clue as to why.

    My new favorite quote is, "if you don't ask, the answer is always NO!" Meaning, if you don't try, you most definitely are NOT getting in, right?
    You are absolutely right! That was very nice of them to call though.

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