PLEASE help ASAP--need estimates for living expenses..

  1. 0 Hi guys!!

    I'm not giving up on Hopkins yet!! They asked me to fill out a supplemental form, estimating how much I need per month and year, but I'm a Louisianian and have no idea.

    ANY help is much appreciated.

    Rent--I put $700-$1000/month and $8400-$12000/year

    and I'm a vegan, so I'm sure that's going to be expensive prices
    Eating Out--??
    Maybe once or twice a month?

    Mass Transit--??

    Internet Access--??

    Thank you guys SO SO much!!
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    hi peachy,
    here are my estimates below in red.

    (snip from peachy's post)
    hi guys!!

    i'm not giving up on hopkins yet!! they asked me to fill out a supplemental form, estimating how much i need per month and year, but i'm a louisianian and have no idea.

    any help is much appreciated.

    rent--i put $700-$1000/month and $8400-$12000/year (if you live with others it could be $550 to $600/mo, but for a 1br or studio, which i would recommend, it's probably $750 - $900/mo)
    utilities--?? (bg&e, the local utility has a 72% increase starting this summer, so say $100 to $150/mo)telephone--?? (use your cell for ld calls. you can get a basic phone line for $20 to $25/mo)
    groceries--?? ($60 to $70/wk? there is a whole foods here, but it is expensive. not sure... i spend $50 to $60/wk and i eat veggies and chicken)
    and i'm a vegan, so i'm sure that's going to be expensive prices
    eating out--?? (only you know how upscale you want to go.) ($25 to $50/mo eating out 2x/mo)maybe once or twice a month?

    mass transit--?? (depends where you live. if you live in charles village, the shuttle is free. if you live further away, you may take the metro; i don't know the rates because it's based on the stop.)

    gas--?? ($3.00/gallon now in baltimore, how much is your mpg? take your curent mileage and use the gas prices of $3.00 or $3.20/gallon)

    parking--?? (parking can get steep. $10 to $15/day if you park during the day before 4pm.) you can park on the side streets near the school, but you'll have to move your car every 2 hours.

    internet access--?? $30 to $50/mo depending on which vendor you go with and where you live.
    thank you guys so so much!!
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    I would factor a minimum of $2,000/month. 1300 for housing and utilities if living alone, and 700 for you. If you share a place, you could probably get away with 1000/month rent and utilities and 1000 for your expenses. This of course is a bare, bare minimum. I'd add another 500/month for expenses if you think they'd pay it.

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