NY Nursing Student Seeking Information about working at John Hopkins

  1. Hello. I am a nursing student from NY who will be graduating Dec 2011. I have several questions regarding
    John Hopkins (JH). I would like to work in NY as new grad for a year preferably in Pediatrics. I plan on moving to MD, so I would like to transfer to JH after my first year as an RN. I understand that I will need to get a licensure in Maryland in order to work there. I plan on paying the fee for the Maryland License. However, do I need to show proof of residency. Also, If I work in NY and I have 6mths experience can I apply to John Hopkins as a Per Diem Nurse? (meaning I would travel once a month to work on my weekends off, i want to do this so I can be familiar with the hospital as well as the location before I move) Unfortunately, I do not have any relatives nor friends in MD. I know this may sound a little strange. I am wondering if anyone has tried this before? I would really appreciate some advice. Thank you.
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  3. by   Rook
    Why Hopkins? Those hospital rankings are bunk. They only have meaning if you have a one in a million rare disease or if you are rich and/or famous.

    The only Baltimore hospital I know that hires new grads is Sinai. They are currently building a new Peds hospital too so there might be openings. Even if you can't get peds its easy to transfer to any dept after a year or so.
  4. by   Moej
    Thank you for replying...JH is the only hospital that I am familar with. lol. Sinai hospital is located in Baltimore? How is the area by the way? I will def look into it. Most likely, I will be working in NY for a yr n then transfer...it would prob be easier that way. Sinai hospital is located in Baltimore? I will def look into it. How is the area by the way?
  5. by   klk5076
    I can't answer all of your questions but I do know that both Hopkins Hospital (JHH) and Hopkins Bayview do hire new grads. I graduated in Dec 10 and was recently hired at Bayview. I will be commuting from PA so you do not need to have proof of residency. As far as getting a license in MD you need to email the board of nursing requesting an endorsement for licensure unless NY is a compact state..in that case I'm not sure what to do. The MD BON site is confusing as licensure goes and from what I have heard they don't answer phone calls. I really like Baltimore..my sister is going to Hopkins for nursing now and I have visited her numerous times. There is a Sinai in Baltimore...other hospitals that I know of and applied to (meaning they didn't directly say no to new grads for the position) are Univ of MD Med Center and Mercy. I would call Nurse Recruitment and ask them for info..I can't speak for the other, but my Recruiter (and everyone else I have associated with in the hiring process) at Bayview has been extremely kind and helpful.
  6. by   Jules A
    There are plenty of hospitals in the area that hire new grads. It is just important to line things up at the time when they are hiring. For example at the hospital where I used to work student nurses that are graduating this spring would have their offers already.
  7. by   Moej
    Thank you guys for replying. I will look into the hospitals that both of you have told me about.
    I plan on working in NY for 1 year after I graduate and then transfer.. If possible would any of you
    be able to give me a contact info for the nursing recruiters?
  8. by   klk5076
    Quote from Moej
    Thank you guys for replying. I will look into the hospitals that both of you have told me about.
    I plan on working in NY for 1 year after I graduate and then transfer.. If possible would any of you
    be able to give me a contact info for the nursing recruiters?
    I know there was contact info for JHH nurse recruitment on the nursing jobs website when I was searching a few months ago. The Bayview Jobs site also has numbers/email for recruitment on the contact us page.
  9. by   Moej
    thank you klk5076 i will look into it and see if i can contact anyone.
  10. by   Lev <3

    I have a link to pdf with names of some recruiters. Search for maryland or md to find the local ones.


    If you need the names of some specific ones at hospitals not on the list feel free to ask!
  11. by   Moej
    Thank you if i have any questions i will let you know.
  12. by   sweetie85

    I'm a new RN from FL who was hired in Peds at Hopkins and I start August 1st. I am going to be part of the PEDS RN residency program because I am starting as a new graduate. It is definitely possible and by that time you graduate, I think they will definitely be hiring because in April the pediatrics department will be moving to a new building and will need extra nurses. I would definitely call nurse recruitment and just ask them to look back to apply. They are usually very friendly. You have to just be checking all the time though because sometime applications are up only for one day. There was a point where I had the job seraph on my favorite and checked each day.

    I got licensed in FL so I'm in the process of getting my license endorsed in Maryland. It is definitely a process but I am told I can walk in and get a temporary license the same day so I'm hoping that it works because I need something before I start work.

    Good luck! Message me if you have any specific questions.
  13. by   Moej
    Thank you Sweetie85 and Conngratulations!! I am very happy that you replied to my post.. I have been hoping that someone working in JH, preferrably from Peds, would reply. If you dont mind, I have A LOT of questions to ask you..lol..Like I had mentioned in my post, I will be grad. Dec 2011. I plan on working at a local hospital for one year. I would like to transfer to JH in 2012, however would I still be considered a new grad nurse with some experience? Would I be able to still apply to the Peds RN residency program? I am not familiar with Baltimore nor JH. But its a location that I have been very curious about moving to and working in. If you have any info or someone specifically that I can contact that would be very helpful. If I have any more questions, I will def messge you. Again thank you
  14. by   ean29
    Hi Moej,
    I'm also a new grad who will be in the Hopkins Residency (not Peds, though, but Cardiac Critical Care) and will be coming from another state. Like Sweetie85 said, definitely talk with the recruiters; I've never come across individuals more friendly and willing to talk with you than these people. They will be able to tell you better than I about the experience requirement. However, in my situation, I had an externship in Critical Care that totaled about 300 hours, thus "qualifying" me as experienced. I was told by a recruiter that they consider you experienced (in Critical Care) after 120 hours in the field. So in that sense, the 6 months you work could count.

    Best wishes to you! I'm also completely new to the Baltimore area (coming from NH woods), and hopefully by the time you are coming in, I will at least have my feet under me. Feel free to send any questions my way too.