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I just passed my Board last week:yeah:. I had applied to several hopitals here in Maryland and Virginia before taking boards( You name it I had applied ). I am actively looking for a new grad... Read More

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    I applying online at attempted to contact the recruiters. I have not heard back. I am planning on attending their coming open house and probably go in the facilities.
    Thank you
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    You still haven't found a job, wow. Have you at least gone on interviews? Im graduating on the 24th so I am really nervous I haven't heard anything back from any hospital besides Washington Hospital Center. I wont take my NCLEX till June but do you have any advice for someone just starting out?
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    Have you considered public health positions? Sometimes Health Departments will hire new grads as long as they have BSNs. The pay is about the same as in the hospitals and you don't usually have to work holidays.
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    Have you considered working in corrections? I just got a call from Corizon(who pretty much handles all the healthcare staffing for detention centers & prisons in this area) for an interview. It's not really my ideal place, but it's PRN position & I'm still working on my BSN, so it might work with my schedule. I saw on their website that they are looking for RN's fulltime.
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    I even applied there an did not get a call back.
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    I am checking Corizon website now. Thanks for the info.
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    [font="verdana"]today i drove to howard university hospital and i left intears. i applied to 3 clinical nurse i positions and took the applicationsdirectly to the nursing office and i was told that i have less chances to behire for those and that he would consider me for the nursing internship orresidency program which will start in september! what can i do else at this point ? any ideas? waiting till september is not an option.
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    Quote from lovnurs
    I am checking Corizon website now. Thanks for the info.
    be sure & check out too, they staff a few detention centers in this area too such as the facilities in Southern Maryland, and the greater Baltimore area as well.
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    Thank you , I am applying at today.
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    Be sure & check out Mollen Immunizations Clinic too..although its a seasonal position during the flu season, they pay RN's $20/hr (and LPN's $19/hr). It's better than nothing & at least you can put it on a resume
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    hi lovnurs. i live in PG county too and i have been looking for a job for almost 2 months now. just wondering, have u found a job already?