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I just passed my Board last week:yeah:. I had applied to several hopitals here in Maryland and Virginia before taking boards( You name it I had applied ). I am actively looking for a new grad position anywhere in Maryland and... Read More

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    Quote from lovnurs
    I am checking Corizon website now. Thanks for the info.
    be sure & check out too, they staff a few detention centers in this area too such as the facilities in Southern Maryland, and the greater Baltimore area as well.

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    Thank you , I am applying at today.
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    Be sure & check out Mollen Immunizations Clinic too..although its a seasonal position during the flu season, they pay RN's $20/hr (and LPN's $19/hr). It's better than nothing & at least you can put it on a resume
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    hi lovnurs. i live in PG county too and i have been looking for a job for almost 2 months now. just wondering, have u found a job already?

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