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Hey nursing friends. Anybody know what the pay rate is for the Nurse Residency Program at Baltimore Washington Medical Center?? I have an interview there next week. Has anybody else been interviewed yet and if so how did it go?... Read More

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    Oh that's exciting!! When are you meeting with the unit manager? She is on Med Surg right? I also meet with manager today at 130pm. It is all in God's hands.

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    i interviewed on 6s which i think is med surg/oncology. The interview went really well but I didnt get to do the peer to peer interview because there were a lot of things going on with the nurse that does the peer to peer interviews. They were really busy, and I am keeping my finger crossed that we both get hired! I hope your interview went welll!!!
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    Quote from Ellisjc0507
    Oh that's exciting!! When are you meeting with the unit manager? She is on Med Surg right? I also meet with manager today at 130pm. It is all in God's hands.
    And yes you are right, its is all in God's hands and I truly hope and pray that he leads us both down the path laid out for us.
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    Hi guys

    I just passed my board as well. I am in desperate to find a job and willing to move to different state. I have an active Hawaii license and very much willing to endorse to the states where they accept new grad who recently passed nclex. Any feed back on how to apply to Baltimore Washington Medical center? I need guidance on where to start. Any help is very much appreciated.
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    Hey JuJubean...what's the next step for you then?? I'm happy to hear your interview with the manager went well. I had my interview with the manager on Med/Tele today which went well (I was asked so many questions which was somewhat overwhelming.). I go back tomorrow for what's called "Share time" where I follow an RN for two hours to see how it is working on that unit. After tomorrow, we will go from there. I like the unit and it seems like a cool place to work. Just intimidating with all those tele strips lol. Keep me posted with how it goes for you.
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    @Jayz1989...there are new grad programs at University of Maryland Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Hospital. As for Baltimore Washington Med Center, I believe the openings for the new grad program will be filled by this Friday so it's too late to apply. Keep looking online at the hospital websites and they will post openings when they are accepting new grads. Hope this helps. God bless you as you search for employment.
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    Hey Ellisjc0507,

    Today I am going in at 6 for a peer to peer interview where one of the nurses interviews me. The manager didnt ask me a lot of questions we did more talking about the unit and she kept stressing to me that it is a tough unit to work and they have a 1:6 ratio. We also talked a lot about how i feel about end of life care and how could I deal with it emotionally. At onw poibt
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    I hit send before I was finished, but at one point the manager said to me that she could see me working there and talking with her patients. I thought that was a good compliment. I hope to get hired, I love oncology and I have had a lot of personal experience with family members who have had cancer.

    Your right the tele units can be very intimidating but you learn so much there and I find it very interesting. And BW seems like a very supportive hospital and will provide you with the right tools so that you become a master in your units. I will continue to pray for the both of us that we are offered positions. Who knows maybe we will meet at orientation!!
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    It would be a wonderful thing to meet at Orientation. If I make it I will ask who has a all nurses account lol. It sounds like you had a great interview and that you will land a job there by tomorrow. I went in today and did the share time with an RN and she told me like it was-very stressful and difficult unit to work on. She didn't recommend starting on that unit as a new grad. THat was so discouraging but then I spoke to 3 new grads (2 were going through the program now and 1 already completed it) and they all said good things about the program and how much support they get from the staff there. I am so nervous and these butterflies won't go away. I was told that I will hear by tomorrow and if not to call on Monday. I will be praying for us too. Keep me posted on how your peer to peer interview goes.
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    Well my peer to peer went well, and one of the nurses said that she wants them to hire me. After the peer to peer the nurse manager walked me to the elevator and said that she heard a lot of positive things from the other nurses so I am keeping my fingers crossed. The manager i interviewed with is off tomorrow so she said that I should expect to hear from them on Monday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed too!!!

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