New grad looking for employment!!!

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    Hello all, I am a new grad looking for employment in Maryland. I currently live in SC and am planning on moving to Md as soon as I find employment. Does anyone know of any facilities in the area that have new grad programs or will hire new grads with ER tech experience?

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    Try Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore County. They've been hiring new grads. You might have to have a BSN though.
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    Thank you!!
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    Hopkins Hospital, Hopkins Bayview, and University of Maryland Medical Center always seem to be hiring new grads
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    Prince George's hospital hires a slew of new grads a couple of times a year.
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    LifeBridge Health has a good new grad program.
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    Baltimore washington medical center has a novice nurse program which is specifically for new grads. It's a 16 week program which really eases you into the role as an rn.
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    Hi Heather
    I am from SC and relocated to MD. I have a 3bdrm townhome if you need somewhere to live. Always willing to helpa fellow nurse and Carolina girl. I am a health and wellness nurse in a call center. Im not sure whats out there, but be persistant.

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