Need a place to live in the baltimore area!!

  1. I am relocating to the Baltimore area to attend the Univ of MD SON and I need an affordable place to live. Does anyone need a roommate or know how I can go about looking up private listings?

    Need help to remove this undue stress!

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  3. by   karebear123
    Hey Sommer,
    I haven't been able to find anything affordable as yet either..all the apartments i have looked at online are pricey. There are some private listings on the UMD housing website. Please let me know if you have any luck finding somewhere.
  4. by   SNL00
    Are you coming from out of state as well? I tried the listings the school provided but so many of those listings have disconnected telephone numbers. A couple of them only wanted short term stays...which was not stated. And some are already taken. I don't know how I feel about living in a coed boarding home. I do have family that live in the DC suburbs; but that is a good 30-40 minute commute I do not care to make. I would not mind rooming with another CNL student if it means to live closer to campus. PM me if your interested...I'm all set to relocate Aug 18th.
  5. by   Sugar Magnolia
    Granted I graduated almost 10 years ago, but at the time the neighborhood just south of the school was full of professional students (nursing, medical, dental etc). It is called Ridgley's Delight. Maybe try Craigslist?
  6. by   mh356
    I would try Craig's List as there are many neighborhoods nearby the University such as Federal Hill, Fell's Point and Canton that have rowhouses for rent with multiple bedrooms. You can find a room in a house with other young professionals (grad students, teachers, etc) or find other people looking for housing. Good luck!
  7. by   SNL00
    Thanks all,

    This is a very stressful and enduring process. Did anyone live in a house with other individuals that you did not know? And how was it?
  8. by   Sugar Magnolia
    I did and it worked out great. I mentioned Ridgley's Delight- it is a block or two south of the nursing school. I lived with another nursing student, medical, dental hygiene and at one point a social worker. It worked out great and I loved it there. A lot of the row homes are ver big.The neighborhood is bordered by Pratt St, Russell St and Martin Luther King Blvd if you look on a map. Do not live on the other side of MLK (Barre Cirle is one one the neighborhoods).
  9. by   SNL00
    When you say do not live on the other side of MLK...which direction is that? east, west, north or south?

    Thanks for helping me
  10. by   colesedwards
    West. Please try to not live on the west side. It gets super sketchy really quickly. That area is a high crime area of city but it is really cute and close to downtown/harbor area and fed hill stuff. The cheaper you find something the more likely you are to be living in the "transitional" area of that neighborhood. Walk around at night or ask someone too before. Day nd night make a big difference. You could live in Mt. Vernon also-bus lines and stuff are plentiful. IF you have a car it doesn't matter where you live in Baltimore.
  11. by   smurfynursey
    If you don't mind driving a little try Laurel. If my situation hadn't changed I would have gotten an apartment there.