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Mother/ Wife/ Nursing Student

  1. 0 Hello fellow nursing students/ pre-nursing students. What is your story? Any tips on how to be successful in nursing school while taking care of other responsibilities? Are you returning to school? I am looking for some inspiration.

    I feel overwhelmed at times trying to take care of a 4yr old, a 2yr old, my husband, and a household. Not to mention working full time and going to school. Ahhh, any good tips on how to still maintain good focus in school? I am hoping to get accepted into nursing school this fall. I feel stretched now! I have no doubt I will complete the nursing program; just want to keep my sanity too, lol.
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    I understand your situation (to a degree). I am also all of those things BUT my son is older. He was about 12/13 when I started back to school. My husband is very supportive and I have frankly given up on a clean house. As long as I have clean sheets once a week and clean clothes for work - I am cool!

    I have a great group (2 other women) in a study group and we meet once every other week to go over notes and help each other out. I do not know how I would do it without them. They get it. It works for me...good luck!

    Where are you applying?

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